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Piqua, Ohio

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Fountain Park Trail

Great Miami River Trail

Ohio to Indiana Trail

River's Edge Trail



Regional Trails

Piqua is a small city located about 28 miles north of Dayton in Southwestern Ohio. The community is situated along the Great Miami River at the intersection of Highway 36 and Interstate 75.

Piqua is at the north end of the Great Miami River Trail that extends as far south as Dayton and Franklin. There are two other recreational trails that cross the city, the River's Edge Trail and the Ohio to Indiana Trail. Trail users can make a 7-mile loop through the north side of town using all three trails.

Great Miami River Trail

The Great Miami River Trail is a 70-mile long system of paved pathways that follow the Great Miami River through Southwestern Ohio. The trail goes through multiple rural communities as well as the Dayton Metro area. The trail also connects with a number of other major recreational trails in the area, goes through numerous parks and connects with local trails.

The north end of the Great Miami River Trail is located at Road Side Park off of State Route 66 on the north side of the City of Piqua.

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River's Edge Trail

The River's Edge Trail is a 2.5-mile log paved path that runs right along the banks of the Great Miami River. The trail starts at Road Side Park on the north side of town, where trail users can connect to the Great Miami River Trail. The trail goes past Fountain Park on Forest Avenue. The south end of the River's Edge Trail is at the intersection with the Ohio to Indiana Trail just north of Covington Avenue.

Ohio to Indiana Trail

The Ohio to Indiana Trail is a 5.5-mile long paved pathway that crosses through the center of Piqua. The trail intersects both the River's Edge Trail and the Great Miami River Trail. There are small trailheads on either end at County Road 106 and Troy-Sydney Road.


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