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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Dayton and Xenia, Ohio

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Dayton, Ohio

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Creekside Trail

Great Miami River Trail

Iron Horse Trail

Mad River Trail

Medlar Bikeway

Prairie Grass Trail

Stillwater River Trail

Twin Creek Trail

Wolf Creek Trail

Wright Brothers - Huffman Prairie Trail



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Regional Trails

Dayton and Xenia are located in Southwestern Ohio about 50 miles northeast of Cincinnati. Dayton is situated on the Little Miami River and the Mad River. Xenia is located to the southeast of Dayton.

This region of Ohio has numerous regional recreational trails that radiate out from each city center into the surrounding suburbs and countryside. These trails are open for non-motorized uses such as bike riding, walking, communing to work or school, sight-seeing and enjoying nature.

Great Miami River Trail

The Great Miami River Trail is a 70-mile long system of paved pathways that follow the Miami River through a large portion of Southwestern Ohio. The trail goes through multiple rural communities as well as the Dayton Metro area. The trail also connects with a number of other major recreational trails in the area, goes through numerous parks and connects with local trails.

The trail is located on both banks in the center of Dayton. It connects several of the local parks and connects to the Mad River Trail and the Wolf Creek Trail.

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Mad River Trail

The Mad River Trail is a 6.6-mile long paved pathway that connects to the Little Miami Scenic Trail just north of Downtown Dayton. Other trails that come near the Mad River Trail are the Creekside Trail and the Wright Brothers - Huffman Prairie Trail.

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Creekside Trail

The Creekside Trail is a 17-mile long paved path that extends from Riverside to the middle of Xenia. The trail can be reached from the Mad River Trail at Springfield Street and N Smithville Road near Eastwood Park. The Creekside Trail intersects the Iron Horse Trail just north of Highway 35 and west of Woodman Drive in Dayton.

In Xenia, the Creekside Trail intersects the Little Miami Scenic Trail, the Prairie Grass Trail and the Xenia Jamestown Connector Trail.

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Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is a 75-mile long paved pathway that spans from Newtown on the outskirts of Cincinnati to the City of Springfield in Southwestern Ohio. The trail is part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail system that will eventually reach from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is open to non-motorized uses such as bike riding and walking. The route goes through the residential suburbs, alongside the Little Miami River, across open farmland, through miles of thick hardwood forests and past numerous local communities.

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Iron Horse Trail

The Iron Horse Trail is a 7-mile long paved trail located in the southwest portion of the Dayton area. The longest section of the trail is 4.6-miles long and spans from its intersection with the Creekside Trail just north of Highway 35 to State Farm Park in the community of Beavercreek. Two other sections are located to the south with the southernmost point located adjacent to Interstate 675.

Prairie Grass Trail

The Prairie Grass Trail is an 29-mile love paved pathway that follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way between Xenia, Cedarville and South Charleston and continues as far as the outskirts of London. The trail takes a straight shot through the countryside past farms and through residential areas.

The west end of the trail is at Zenia Station at S. Miami Avenue and S. Detroit Street. This is also the location where the Little Miami Scenic Trail, the Creekside Trail and the Xenia Jamestown Connector Trail all meet. The east end of the Prairie Grass Trail is located at Midway Street near W. High Street on the west side of London.

The Prairie Grass Trail is one section of the Ohio to Eire Trail system that extends from Cincinnati to Cleveland, traveling across the State of Ohio.

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Xenia to Jamestown Connector Trail

The Xenia to Jamestown Connector Trail is a 15.5-mile long paved pathway that stretches between Xenia and a point 4.5 miles southeast of Jamestown. The northwest end of the trail is located southeast of Xenia Station on Washington Street. The trail goes past Shawnee Hills and through Jamestown. The trail goes right by Seaman Park in Jamestown.


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