Map of the Metroparks Bikeway & Niles Greenway


Metroparks Bikeway & Niles Greenway

Metroparks Bikeway Ohio map area

Metroparks Bikeway & Niles Greenway


10.6 miles + 4 miles




Canfield, West Austintown, Mineral Ridge, Niles


rail trail, Ohio countryside, woodlands, farmland, rural communities, local parks


Western Reserve Greenway


Regional Trails

 The Metroparks Bikeway and the Niles Greenway are a set of connected paved pathways located in Niles, Mineral Ridge and Canfield in Northeastern Ohio. The trails were constructd along an abandoned railroad corridor that travels trhough the beautiful wooded Ohio countryside, goes past farms and rural neighborhoods and well as parks and commerical areas within the towns along the way.

Metroparks Bikeway, also called the Mill Creek Metroparks Bikeway, is 10.6 miles long and located in Mahoning County. The Niles Greenway is 4-miles long and located in Trumbull County.


The Metroparks Bikeway and the Niles Greenway are paved the entire route. The trails are open for bike riding, walking and running.


Metroparks Bikeway and the Niles Greenway go past the following communities: Canfield, West Austintown, Mineral Ridge and Niles.

Points of Interest

The Metroparks Bikeway and the Niles Greenway go past the following points of interest:

Canfield Fairgrounds
Mill Creek Metroparks Farm
Canfield High School
Kirk Road Mill Creek Park
Austintown Park
Meander Creek Reservoir
Nearby Trails

Western Reserve Greenway: this trail starts in warren at 3.3 miles north of the Niles Greenway.

End Points

The south end of the Metroparks Bikeway is located along W. Western Reserve Road to the west of Columbiana-Canfield Road south of Canfield.

The two trails meet at County Line Road to the east of W. Webb Road in Mineral Ridge.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the Metroparks Bikeway in Mahoning County in Northeastern Ohio.