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Columbus, Ohio

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Alum Creek Trail

Big Walnut Trail

Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail

Camp Chase Trail

Genoa Trail

Heritage Trail

I-670 Bikeway

Maxtown Schrock Trail

Olentangy Greenway Trail

Scioto Greenway Trail

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Walnut Woods Metro Park Trail

Westbank Walkway


Ohio to Erie Trail



Regional Trails

Columbus is located along the Scioto River and the Olentangy River in Central Ohio and is the state capital. The city and its neighboring communities has a large network of recreational trails. There are regional trails that span for miles as well as trails along major thoroughfares, located in local parks and wandering through residential neighborhoods.

Olentangy Greenway Trail

The Olentagy Greenway Trail is a system of paved pathways that spans for over 12 miles through the heart of Columbus. The trail system reaches as far north as Worthington Hills Park north of Interstate 270 to W. Long Street, just north of Downtown Columbus. It this location it provides a connection to the Scioto Greenway Trail. The Olentangy Greenway Trail follows alongside the Olentangy River, passing numerous parks and going past Ohio State University.

The Olentangy Greenway Trail is open for bike riding and walking. It provides an opportunity to take in some outdoor exercise and is also used by those commuting to work or to school.

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Scioto Greenway Trail

The Scioto Greenway Trail is a system of paved pathways that spans for over 10 miles through the heart of Columbus. The trail follows alongside the greenway of the Scioto River and it goes past Downtown Columbus. The trail passes through a number of local parks, including Scioto Audubon Metro Park, and includes several bridges crossing the river. There are dramatic views of the city's skyline and the many bridges along the river from the trail. The trail connects to other recreational trails including the Olentangy Trail.

The north end of the trail is located at Highway 33 and W. 5th Avenue. The south end of the trail is at Route 104, just east of the Interchange with Interstate 71 at south of Lou Berliner Park.

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Westbank Walkway

The Westbank Walkway is located along the bend of the Scioto River across from Downtown Columbus. The trail wraps around the Center of Science and Industry complex, also known as COSI and Genoa Park. It connects to pedestrian paths along the bridges that cross the river at W. Broad Street, W. Rich Street and W. Main Street allowing trail users to connect to the Scioto River Greenway.

Alum Creek Trail

The Alum Creek Trail is a trail system that extends for over 22 miles through the heart of the Columbus area. The trail spans from a point just south of Polaris Parkway in Westerville to a point south of Willams Road and Interstate 270 where it connects to the Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail at Three Creeks Park. The Alum Creek Trail crosses much of the urban area, goes past numerous local parks and connects to several other recreational trails.

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Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail

The Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail is a 12-mile long paved pathway located to the southeast side of the Columbus urban area. The trail meanders past residential communities in the greenspace alongside the creek. The west end of the Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail is located at Three Creeks Park off of Bixby Road. the trail connects to the Alum Creek Trail at this location. The Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail splits at Long Road. The north branch goes past Refugee Road and the south branch extends to Bowen Road.

Camp Chase Trail & Roberts Pass Trail

The Camp Chase Trail is a 15-mile long paved pathway that is located on the southwest side of Columbus. The trail spans between Columbus and the community of Lilly Chapel. At its southwestern end the Camp Chase Trail connects to the 6.6-mile long paved Roberts Pass Trail. The Roberts Pass Trail extends to the town of London. These two trails are sections of the Ohio to Erie Trail system.

The northeastern end of the Camp Chase Trail is located along N. Eureka Avenue, just south of Valleyview Drive. The paved pathway follows an abandoned railroad corridor for 2.9 miles. There is a short gap in the trail at Georgesville Road and Sullivant Avenue. The trail picks up again at Sullivant Avenue and heads to the southwest again for 12.3 miles. The two trails meet at Wilson Road SE, north of the Lilly Chapel Georgesville Road. There is a parking area at this location. The western end of the Roberts Pass Trail is located on Maple Street, just north of E. Center Street in the town of London.

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