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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Armlender Park Connector Trail

Centennial Park Trail

Dunham Recreation Area Trail

John Roebling Bridge

L and N Pedestrian Bridge

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Lunken Airport Trail

Mill Creek Greenway

Mill Creek Trail

Murray Road Trail

Ohio River Trail

Ohio River Trail (Airport)

Ohio River Trail (Southeast)

Recreation Park Trail

Riverboat Road

Xavier University Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail

Hamilton & Lebanon



Regional Trails

Cincinnati is located along the majestic Ohio River in Southwestern Ohio.  The city has an expanding network of recreational trails for its residents and visitors to get out and enjoy the outdoors on a bike, walking or running. There are trails along the Ohio River and others that extend from the Cincinnati area as far north as Springfield.

The city is located on the opposite side of the Ohio River from Covington and Dayton, Kentucky. These riverfront communities are constructing a development called Riverfront Commons that will enhance the area along the Ohio river and have recreational trails that will connect to bridges for bikes and pedestrians to cross into Cincinnati.

Ohio River Trail

The Ohio River Trail currently has paved pathways that span for over 2 miles along the riverfront area in the Downtown Cincinnati area. The paved pathways extend from Elm Street to the northend of Theodore M Berry International Friendship Park. The route connects Paul Brown Stadium, the Great American Ball Park, US Bank Arena and several riverside parks. 

A separate completed 4-mile long paved section of the Ohio River Trail spans from just west of Humbert Avenue to Salem Road near Cincinnati Municipal Lunket Airport. The trails connect to other trail systems that wrap around the airport and up to Otto Armleder Memorial Park. this section of the trail goes past Schmidt Softball Fields, Turkey Ridge Park, Riverview East Academy, the airport and Kellogg Avenue Park.

Plans are in the work for the Ohio River Trail to expand to 23 miles.

Lunken Airport Trail

The Lunken Airport Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved pathway that wraps around Lunken Airport near the Ohio River on the south side of Cincinnati. The trail connects to the Ohio River Trail in two locations and makes for a nice 4.5-mile loop. The Lunken Airport Trail also connect to the trails in Otto Armlender Memorial Park.

The Armlender Park Connector Trail is acroos the Little Miami River from the southeast end of the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is a 78.5-mile long paved pathway that spans from Cincinnati to the city of Springfield in Southwestern Ohio. The trail is part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail system which is a collection of recreational trals that span from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is the southernmost section of the Ohio to Erie Trail system that stretches as far north as the outskirts of Cleveland.

The southwest end of the Little Miami Scenic Trail is located near the intersection of Beechmont Avenue and Cincinnati Batvia Road to the northeast of the Cincinnati Municipal Airport in Cincinnati.

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