Map of the Gallia Hike & Bike Trail in Southeastern Ohio


Gallia Hike & Bike Trail

Gallia Hike and Bike Trail Ohio map area

Gallia Hike & Bike Trail


8.5 miles


paved / unpaved


Gallipolis, Herr, Bidwell


Ohio River, woodlands, farms, rural communities


Regional Trails

The Gallia Hike & Bike Trail is a 8.5-mile long paved and unpaved pathway located in Southeastern Ohio. The trail has an improved surface of crushed stone and iis planned to extend 28 miles when completed. The route of the existing trail is located near the community of Gallipolis, on the the Ohio River and the community of Bidwell. The Gallia Hike & Bike Trail can be extended to north of Gallipolis by traveling the O.O. McIntyre Park Trail. When finished, the trail should expand to 28 miles, currently the trail is in various states of completion. The south section in Gallipolis it is paved, but to the north the trail is unpaved and in a rougher condition that may not be suitable for bikes with narrow tires.

The trail goes through the beautiful tree covered and hilly countryside just north of the Ohio River. The trail takes you through thick forests and over historic steel bridges.

End Points

The northeast end of the O.O. McIntyre Park Trail system is located at Railroad Street and Lee Road to the north of Gallipolis. This point is northeast of the Highway 35 bridge over the Ohio River. The trail heads to the south along 221 past the airport and the Cliffside Golf Course. This section stops at Mill Creek Road.

In Gallipolis the paved Gallia Hike & Bike Trail starts at Haskins Memorial Park on the northeast side of Gallipolis. The trail goes right by Ohio Valley Christian School. The trail wraps to the north at Pine Street, State Route 160. The south section of the trail stops at Highway 35 and State Route 160.

The north section of the trail starts at Kerr Road, though at this point the trail is little more than a hiking path. The north end is located at Vale Road in Bidwell.


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