Map of the Mohican Valley Trail


Mohican Valley Trail

Mohican Valley Trail Ohio map area

Mohican Valley Trail


4.5 miles


uppaved - comacted crushed stone


Danville, Gann


rail trail, Mohican River Valley, Amish Country, rural communities, woodlands


Kokoshing Gap Trail
Holmes County Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail
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The Mohican Valley Trail is a 4.5-mile long unpaved pathway that stretches between Danville and Gann in Central Ohio. The trail was contsturcted along an abandoned railroad corridor and travels through the beautiful Amish Country of this part of Ohio. The route is located in the picturesque Mohican River Valley and includes a 370-long covered bridge.

The Mohican Valley Trail is part of the Ohio to Erie Trail and is the section between the Kokosing Gap Trail and the Holmes County Trail.


The Mohican Valley Trail is unpaved with a graded surface of compacted crushed stone. Bikes are allowed, but not all bikes are suitable. Horses and horse drawn carriages/trailers are also allowed.


The Mohican Valley Trail goes past the following communities: Danville and Gann.

Nearby Trails

Kokosing Gap Trail: this trail heads to the west from the other side of Danville. Trail users need to travel a short distance along local streets to connect the two. The Kokosing Gap Trail is paved and does not allow horses.

Holmes County Trail: when completed, the Holmes County Trail will meet the end of the Mohican Valley Trail on the east side of Gann near State Highway 62. At this writing, the completed section of the Holmes County Trail is 13.5 miles to the east in Killbuck.

End Points

The west end of the Mohican Valley Trail is located along East Street to the north of North Street in Danville.

The east end of the trail is located along State Highway 62 to the west of Gann. 


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