Map of the Moonville Rail Trail in Southeastern Ohio


Moonville Rail Trail

Moonville Rail Trail Ohio map area

Moonville Rail Trail


8.4 miles




Zaleski, Mineral


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Regional Trails

The Moonville Rail Trail is an 8.4-mile long unpaved pathway that spans fromthe community of Zaleski to the community of Mineral in the southeastern part of the State of Ohio.This area of Ohio is located about 65 south of Downtown Columbus.

The Moonville Rail Trail goes through thick hardwood forests along the route of an abondoned railroad right-of-way. The trail is located in the hillsides of Vinton & Athens Counties. The features of the trail includes the Moonville Tunnel.


The Moonville Rail Trail is not paved and has a natural surface of dirt and grass. The trail is open for bike riding, hiking and horse back riding. The trail is not suitable for road bikes.


The Moonville Rail Trail spans between Zaleski and Mineral and is in a very rural portion of Ohio.

End Points

The southwest end of the Moonville Rail Trail is located at the end of Mill Street on the west end of Mill Street at the northeast end of Zaleski. The northeast end of the trail is located at Highway 356 in the community of Mineral.

There are proposals to extend the Moonville Rail Trail along the abandoned railroad corridor as far as the City of Athens to meet up with the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway.


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