Map of the Scotio Greenway Trail in Columbus, Ohio


Scotio Greenway Trail & Westbank Walkway

Scotio Greenway Ohio map area

Scotio Greenway Trail


9.5+ miles




Marble Cliff, Columbus


Scotio River, local parks, bridges, Scotio Audubon Metro Park, Lou Berliner Park


Arena District Trail

Westbank Walkway

Olentangy Greenway Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail


Regional Trails

The Scotio Greenway Trail, or Scotio Trail, is a paved pathway located along the Scotio River in the heart of the City of Columbus in Central Ohio that travels over 9.5 miles. The trail spans from the community of Marble Cliff to State Route 104 on the south side of town. The route of the trail includes a number of local parks and several bridge crossings over the river. The Scotio Greenway Trail connects to several other recreational trails along the way. A short portion of the trail is included in the Ohio to Erie Trail.

The Westbank Walkway is paved pathway that spans for about 2 miles on the west bank of the Scotio River. The trail wraps around a large bend in the river from S. Souder Avenue to Dodge Park on Mc Dowell Street. Several bridges connect the two paved trails.


The Scotio Greenway Trail is paved the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and running.

Points of Interest

The Scotio Greenway Trail and the Westbank Walkway go past the following points of interest

Olentangy Trail
Westbank Walkway
North Bank Park
Alexander Park
Scotio Mile Park
Genoa Park
John W. Galbreath Bicentennial Park
Main Street Bridge
Dodge Park
Scotio Audubon Metro Park
Lower Scotio Park and Boat Launch
Lou Berliner Park
Nearby Trails

Olentangy Trail: the two trails meet at the southeast corner of the interchange between the W. Innerbelt and Dublin Road in Columbus.

End Points

The north end of the Scotio Greenway Trail is located at W. 5th Avenue and Highway 33.

The south end of the trail is located just south of Lou Berliner Park on the west bank of the Scotio River, just north of State Route 104 and to the east of Interstate 71.


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