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North Coast Inland Trail

North Coast Inland Trail Ohio map area

North Coast Inland Trail


11.8 miles + 12.6 miles + 10.3 miles + 5 miles + 12.8 miles + 6.5 miles


paved / unpaved


Elmore, Lindsey, Fremont, Clyde, Bellevue, Monroeville, Norwalk, Collins, Kipton, Oberlin, Elyria, Lorain


rail trail, Ohio countryside, bridges, farmland, woodlands, wetlands, rural and urban communities, Black River Reservation




Regional Trails

The North Coast Inland Trail is a segmented system of trails in Northern Ohio. Some segments are paved, others are not. The trails segments are located in the cities of Elmore, Lindsey, Fremont, Clyde, Bellevue, Norwalk, Collins, Oberlin, Elyria and Lorain. The route has segments in Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Huron and Lorain County. There are ambitious plans to create a 270-mile long trail that spans between the borders of Indiana and Pennsylvania.

The North Coast Inland Trail is constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and passes through the beautiful Ohio countryside and rural communities as well as more urban and suburban areas. There are remnants of the old railroad with historic bridges and railroad depots. The trail is known by other names within the various communities.

Elmore to Freemont Section - 11.8 miles

The North Coast Inland Trail between Elmore and Freemont has 1 mile of unpaved trail and 10.8 miles of paved trail. The trail takes a straight diagonal route between the two cities, passes through the small community of Lindsey. There is a bridge over the Portage River in Elmore. This section of the trail stops at Walter Avenue on the northwest side of Freemont. At this trailhead there is a small parking area and a restroom. Within the middle of Freemont, there is no constructed trail. There is a 2.5 mile gap through Freebmont and the trail starts up again on the south side of the city.

Freemont to Bellvue - 12.6 miles

The next continuous 12.6 mile long paved section of the North Coast Inland Trail stretches from the southeast side of Freemont and stops to the northeast of Bellevue.

The northwest endpoint of this section is located at Hayes Avenue and S. Park Avenue in Freemont. This section includes a bridge over the Sandusky River and goes through the town of Clyde. The southeast end is located along Portland Road to the east of Riddle Road on the outskirts of Bellevue. There is a 4 mile gap in the trail through the town of Bellevue.

Bellevue to Norwalk - 10.3 miles

The 10.3 mile section of the North Coast Inland Trail between Bellevue and Norwalk is unpaved, but is wide and has a compacted stone surface.

The west end of this section is located at Prairie Road, just south of Highway 20 on the east side of Bellevue. There is no parking at this location. The trail wraps around the south side of Monroeville and continues to Baker Street and Jefferson Street in Norwalk. There is no trail within Norwalk and a 3 mile gap to the next section.

Norwalk to Collins - 5 miles

There is a separate 5 mile long section of improved, but unpaved trail to the northeast of Norwalk. This section goes through the community of Collins and starts at Laylin Road and Township Highway 18 on the west end and ends at Derussey Road to the south of Collins Road on the east end. There is a 7.7 mile gap to the next section of the trail.

Kipton to Elyria - 12.8 miles

The 12.8 mile long stretch of the North Coast Inland Trail that travels through Kipton, Oberlin and Elyria is paved. The trail starts to the west of Kipton at Baird Road. There is a short gap on the outskirts of Oberlin, then the trail stretches to Leo Bullock Parkway on the west side of Elyria. There is a 3 mile long gap to the next setion of the trail.

Black River Reservation to Cromwell Park - 6.5 miles

This 6.5 mile long paved section of the North Coast Inland Trail wanders through the Black River Reservation in Elyria and extends to Cromwell Park in Lorain. The trail follows the Black River through woodlands and over bridges.

The south end is located at W River Road N. and Midway Boulevard in Elyria. The north end is located along Colorado Avenue east of Root Road in Lorain.


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