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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio map area

Newark, Ohio

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Backhand Gorge Trail

Licking County Recreational Trail

Muskingum Recreation Center Trail

Muskingum Recreation Trail

Newark Granville Road Trail

North Fork Licking River Trail

T. J. Evans Bike Path

T. J. Evans Bike Path (Newark)

T. J. Evans Panhandle Trail

Zanes Landing Trail



Regional Trails

Newark is located in Licking County in Central Ohio about 30 miles east of Columbus.

Licking County has number of recreational trails that stretches between Johnstown, Alexandria, Granville, Newark and Hanover. The county also has reserves and parks with biking and hiking trails. Other communites in this area include Zanesfield and Dresden.

T. J. Evans Bike Path

The T. J. Evans Bike Path is a paved trail that extends for 14 miles between Johnstown and Newark. The trail passes through the community of Alexandria along the way. The trail is part of the Licking County Trail system.

The northwest end of the trail is located at the north end of E. Jersey Street. There is a trailhead with parking at this location.

In Alexandria, there is a small trailhead at the end of Depot Street.

In Newark, the T. J. Evans Bike Path goes past Raccoon Valley Park and then under State Route 16. The main trail stops at W. Main Street near Coffman Road. Another branch of the trail heads off to the northeast and stops at Flory Park new W Church Street and State Route 79.

T. J. Evans Panhandle Trail

The T. J. Evans Panhandle Trail is a 9.8-mile long paved pathway that extends from Newark to the east, going past the communities of Marne and Hanover.The trail follows alongside the railroad tracks for the entire route.

The west end of the T. J. Evans Panhandle Trail is located at N. Morris Street and E Main Street in Newark. The point is just a block or two east of the North Fort Licking River Trail. The east end of the trail is located at Felumlee Road, just north of Marne Road.

Blackhand Gorge Trail

The Blackhand Gorge Trail is a 4.4-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside the Licking River. The trail goes through thick forests and has no road crossings.

The west end is located at  Brownsville Road SE, 0.8-miles south of State Route 16 to the east of Newark.

The east end of the Blackhand Gorge Road is located at Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve on Toboso Road SE.

Muskingum Recreation Trail

The Muskingum Recreation Trail is a 5-mile paved pathway located to the south of the community of Dresden. The trail travels through farmland and forests alongside the Muskingum River. The north end of the trail is located at Dreden River Park. The trail goes past Dresden Elementary School,  Tri-Valley Middle School and Tri-Valley Wolford Park.

The south end of the Muskingum Recreation Trail is located off of Rock Cut Road.

Zane's Landing Trail

The Zane's Landing Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved pathway located in the community of Zanesville. The trail is located on the east side of the Muskingum River and spans between Zane's Landing Park and Jaycee Riverside Park on N. River Road.


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