Map of the Wolf Creek Trail in Southwestern Ohio


Wolf Creek Trail

Wolf Creek Trail Ohio map area

Wolf Creek Trail


16 miles




Verona, Wengerlawn, Brookville, Airhill, Trotwood, Dayton


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Great Miami River Trail



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The Wolf Creek Trail is a 16-mile long paved pathway located to the west of Dayton, Ohio. The trail has two separate sections. The western section spans from Verona to Trotwood. The eastern section follows N. James H. McGee Boulevard on the western side of the Dayton urban area.


The Wolf Creek Trail is paved the entier route. There is a 2.5-mile long gap in the trail on the outskirts of Dayton where trail users can travel along Olive Road and Little Richmond Road to get to the next section. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and running.


The Wolf Creek Trail goes past the following communities: Verona, Wengerlawn, Brookville, Airhill, Trotwood and Dayton

Points of Interest

The Wolf Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Golden Gate Park
Sycamore State Park
Trotwood-Madison School
Madison Park Elementary School
Nearby Trails

Great Miami River Trail: the two trails intersect at sunrise Park near W. 3rd Street and S. Edwin C Moses Boulevard in Dayton.

End Points

The northwest end of the western section of Wolf Creek Trail is located at Preble County Line Road south of Hemlock Street on the south side of the community of Verona. There is no official triailhead at this location, but the is parking to the north in the park 1 block north of Main Street.

The southeast end of the trail is located at the intersection with the Great Miami River Trail at W. 3rd Street and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard in Dayton.


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