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Prairie Grass Trail - Ohio to Erie Trail, Ohio

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Prairie Grass Trail, Ohio


29 miles




Xenia, Cedarville, South Charleston


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Little Miami Scenic Trail

Xenia Jamestown Connector Trail

Creekside Trail

Wilberforce Switch Trail

Roberts Pass Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail




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The Prairie Grass Trail is an 29-mile long paved pathway that follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way between Xenia, Cedarville and South Charleston and continues as far as the outskirts of London. The trail takes a straight shot through the countryside past farms and through residential areas.

The southwest end of the Prairie Grass Trail is at Xenia Station. Xenia Station is the location where the Creekside Trail, the Little Miami Scenic Trail and the Prairie Grass Trail all intersect. The Xenia to Jamestown Connector Trail is located just southeast of Xenia Station on Washington Street.

There is a 0.9-mile long paved branch off the trail called the Wilberforce Switch Trail that heads to the community of Wilberforce.

The trail goes right through the small town of Cedarville, passing Community Park and Massie Creek Park. The parks have parking and restrooms and are nice stopping places for trail users.

In South Charleston there is a trailhead with parking on W. Mound Street. There is a short gap in the trail where trail users need to travel along W Mound Street and S Church Street to get to the next section of trail

The northeast end of the Prairie Grass Trail is located at Midway Street, just south of W High Street in London. There is parking for the trail behind the Madison County Senior Center on W High Street.

The Prairie Grass Trail is one section of the Ohio to Erie Trail system that extends from Cincinnati to Cleveland, traveling across the State of Ohio.


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