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Rochester, Minnesota

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Bear Creek Trail

Cascade Creek Trail

County Road 22 Trail

Douglas State Trail

East Circle Drive Trail

Great River Ridge State Trail

Highway 63 Frontage Road Trail

Silver Lake Trail

West River Parkway Trail

Woodside Park Trail

Zumbro River Trail



Regional Trails

Rochester is located in Southeastern Minnesota, about 75 miles south of Downtown Minneapolis. The city is situated at the crossroads of Highway 52 and Highway 14 and is known as the location of the Mayo Clinic.

Rochester has numerous interconnecting recreational trails located throughout the city. Many of the trails follow the local rivers and waterways, other trails follow alongside major roadways.

Douglas State Trail

The Douglas State Trail is a 12.5 mile long paved trail that extends from Pine Island to Rochester in Southern Minnesota. Most of the path for the trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad bed and the route is fairly straight and the grades are gentle.

The route of the Douglas State Trail takes you through the rich farmland of Southern Minnesota. It crosses through only the small community of Douglas, about 8 miles south of Pine Island. There is a trailhead with parking right next to the trail on County Road 14. At 2 miles south of Douglas, the trail starts to pass through the residential areas of the north side of Rochester.

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Zumbro River Trail

The Zumbro River Trail is a 6-mile long paved trail system that follows alongside the Zumbro River on the south side of Rochester. The trail stretches from Mayowood Road SW and Salem Road SW to Mayo Park to the east of 3rd Avenue SE. The trail goes through the forested areas along the river, goes past a number of local parks and ends up in the Downtown Rochester area.

Bear Creek Trail

The Bear Creek Trail is a paved pathway that extends for over 3-miles to the southeast of the Downtown Rochester area. The trail spans from north of E. Center Street to Pinewood Road. The trail follows the channel for Bear Creek and then through some wooded areas and goes past numerous parks. The north end of the Bear Creek Trail connects to the Silver Lake Trail.

Cascade Creek Trail

The Cascade Creek Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved path that follows alongside Cascade Creek from W. Circle Drive to 3rd Avenue Northwest near the South Fork Zumbro River to the north of downtown Rochester. The trail goes past Manorwoods Lake and Cascade Lake then tucks under Highway 63. East of Highway 63 the trail goes past Kutzy Park and Cooke Park. The northeast end of the Cascade Creek Trail meets up with the Silver Lake Trail.

Silver Lake Trail

The Silver Lake Trail is a 2.5-mile long trail that wraps around Silver Lake on the northwest side of Downtown Rochester.

Highway 63 Frontage Road Trail

The Highway 63 Frontage Road Trail is a 3.25-mile long paved path that follows alongside the highway from 55th Street NW to 16th Street NW on the north side of the Rochester urban area.


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