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Midtown Greenway

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Midtown Greenway


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Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail

Grand Rounds

Lake of the Isles Park Trail

Kenilworth Trail

Hiawatha LRT Trail



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The Midtown Greenway is a 5.5-mile long paved pathway located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The trail spans between the Cedar Lake area to the Mississippi River. The trail follows a railroad right-of-way through older neighborhoods located to the south of Downtown Minneapolis. The trail is located along the same corridor as live railroad tracks and goes under most of the intersecting roadways. There are occasional access paths to reach the grid of roadways and the nearby neighborhoods. The trail uses an overpass to cross Hiawatha Avenue.

The Midtown Greenway provides a relatively easy way to get across town by bike and provides access to several other recreational trails on the west side of the city. These trails include the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, the Haiwatha LRT Trail and the Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail.

The west end of the Midtown Greenway is located near Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. There are a number of local parks along the route. The eastern end if the trail is located along the banks of the Mississippi River where the trail intersects the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway that travels along the banks of the river and allows trail users to head north to Downtown Minneapolis or south to Downtown St. Paul.


The Midtown Greenway is paved for the entire route. The trail passes under most of the intersecting streets along an active railroad corridor. There are a number of street crossing to the east of Hiawatha Avenue. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The Midtown Greenway goes through the following community: Minneapolis.

Points of Interest

The Midtown Greenway goes past the following points of interest:

Cedar Lake
Lake Calhoun North Beach
Lake of the Isles Park
Brackett Park
Brackett Recreation Center
White Sands Beach
Nearby Trails

Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail: the two trails meet at the western end of the Midtown Greenway to the south of Cedar Lake and north of W. Lake Street.

Grand Rounds Scenic Byway: the two trails intersect in two locations, near the western end and at the eastern end of the Midtown Greenway.

Lake of the Isles Park Trail: the trails meet to the west of E. Lake Calhoun Parkway.

Hiawatha LRT Trail: the two trails intersect on both sides of Hiawatha Avenue between E. 26th Street and E. 28th Street.

End Points

The west end of the Midtown Greenway is located at a point to the north of W. Lake Street and west of Dean Parkway in Minneapolis. This spot is inbetween Lake Calhoun and Cedar Lake

The east end of the trail is located along the Mississippi River near E. 26th Street to the south of Downtown Minneapolis.


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