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Douglas State Trail

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Douglas State Trail


12.5 miles




Pine Island, Douglas, Rochester


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The Douglas State Trail is a 12.5 mile long paved trail that extends from Pine Island to Rochester in Southern Minnesota. Most of the path for the trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad bed and the route is fairly straight and the grades are gentle.

The route of the Douglas State Trail takes you through the rich farmland of Southern Minnesota. It crosses through only the small community of Douglas, about 8 miles south of Pine Island. There is a trailhead with parking right next to the trail on County Road 14. At 2 miles south of Douglas, the trail starts to pass through the residential areas of the north side of Rochester.


The Douglas State Trail is paved the entire way. It is a multi-use trail open to walking, bike riding, in-line skating, and equestrian use in some stretches. The trail is also accessible for wheelchairs. Most of the route passes through wide open country with the occasional rural road crossing. In Rochester, the trail follows alongside Valleyhigh Drive NW.


The Douglas State Trail goes through the following communities: Pine Island, Douglas and Rochester.

Points of Interest

The Douglas State Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Pine Island City Park
Pine Island Golf Course
Bridge of the South Branch Middle Fok Zumbro River
White Oaks Park
Second Frank Canine Park
Northwest Prairie Park
Mayo Support Center
IBM Campus
Lourdes High School
John Marshall High School
Cascade Lake Park
Zumbro West Park
Nearby Trails

The Douglas State Trail connects to local recreational trails within Pine Island and Rochester.

Cascade Creek Trail: the two trails intersect at the south end of the Douglas State Trail in Cascade Lake Park in Rochester. The Cascade Creek Trail connects to the Silver Lake Trail which then leads to other recreational trails in Rochester.

End Points

The north end of the Douglas State Trail is located in the middle of the community of Pine Island. There is a trailhead with parking and a restroom at 1st Avenue SE and Center Drive, just east of Main Street. There is also access paths that come in from the east, coming across Highway 53, and from the west, both along Center Drive. The main trail heads off to the southeast from this location going past the Pine Island Golf Course.

The main trail passes through the north side of Rochester and ends at Cascade Lake Park. There is also a large trailhead located at the intersection of 19th Street NW and Valleyhigh Drive NW for much of the way. There are an overpasses for crossing 7th Street NW and Highway 14 before the trail ends at Cascade Lake and intersects Cascade Creek Trail to the north of Zumbro West Park.


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