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Cuyuna Lakes State Trail

Cuyuna Lakes State Trail Minnesota map area

Cuyuna Lakes State Trail


8 miles




Riverton, Ironton, Crosby


Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, lakes, Croft Mine Historical Park


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The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail is an 8-mile long paved pathway that extends from Riverton to Crosby in Central Minnesota. The trail passes through Cuyuna County State Recreation Area and goes by several lakes. The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail also provides access to a 25 miles of single track mountain bike system.

The trail is located in an area that was abandoned by iron mining companies over 35 years ago. Several of the lakes were former mine pits. The paved trail takes you through stretches of beautiful forests. You can also go fishing in the area, watch for birds and other wildlife or visit the Croft Mine Historical Park. With 25 miles of undeveloped shoreline, this area can also be explored by boat, kayak or canoe. The park itself is a fee area.


The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding and walking, but in winter there is an adjacent track for snowmobiles. There are no fees and no pass is required to use the trail.


The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail goes past the following communities: Riverton, Ironton and Crosby.

End Points and Trail Description

The western end of the Cuyuna Lakes State Trail is located on the northeast end of the City of Riverton on Rowe Road off of County Road 128. There is a parking area here, but no restroom or other amenities. The paved trail takes off to the northeast along County Road 128. After 1.7 miles the trail leavs CR 128 and heads along the shores of Blackhoof Lake. To reach the mountain bike tracks, go north on Miners Mountain Road, which takes you past the boat launching parking lot.

The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail continues to the east along the northern edge of the community of Ironton. The trail wanders between several lakes, including the Portsmouth Mine Pit Lake. There is parking available at the eastern end of Portsmith Mine Pit Lake off of Highway 6. The paved trail continues into the town of Crosby from here and stops at County Road 31, just north of Highway 6.


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