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Mississippi River Trail Bikeway - Minneapolis

Mississippi River Trail Minneapolis Minnesota map area

Mississippi River Trail Bikeway


72 miles (not continuous)




Ramsey, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, St. Paul, South St. Paul, Newport, Inner Grove Heights, Rosemount, Hastings


views of the Mississippi River, multiple bridges, Mississippi National River & Recreation Area, Ft. snelling, picnic areas, fishing, boat launches


Rum River Regional Trail

Coon Creek Regional Trail

Rush Creek Regional Trail

Grand Round Scenic Byway

Cedar Lake Trail

Midtown Greenway


Minneapolis Metro

Regional Trails

The Mississippi River Trail Bikeway, also known as the MRT, is a system of designated bike lanes and separate pathways that follow alongside the Mississippi River through multiple states. Within Minnesota, the Mississippi River Bikeway extends for around 600 miles from Itasca State Park to the border with the State of Iowa. this system of trails encompasses recreational trails that have other names, including the Heartland Trail and the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

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There are several recreational trails within the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro Area that are part of the Mississippi River Trail Bikeway. The MRT system in the Twin Cities Area has pathways along both sides of the river along various stretches of the Mississippi River.The bikeway is located within the 72-mile long Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

The pathways of the MRT go past numerous local parks and other attractions. Some of the highlights include Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, St. Anthony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge, Hennipin Island, the University of Minnesota campus, the Mississippi Gorge area, Minnehaha Park, Fort Snelling, Crosby Farm Park and Battle Creek Regional Park.

The route includes long stretches of natural ares with trees, wetlands, riverfront and wildlife. It also includes dense urban areas, roadside pathways and landscaped parks. Some of the pathways go right past Downtown Minneapolis and Downtown St. Paul.

The route includes several bridges for crossing the river, usually using a designated bike/pedestrian lane. Many other recreational trails in the Twin Cities Metro Area connect to the MRT.

Included Trails

The MRT has numerous recreational trails within its system of trails, including:

Lake Itasca Trail, Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park Trail, Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, Mississippi River Trail - East, East Mississippi River Gorge Trail, Minnehaha Regional Trail, Crosby Farm Park Trail, Big River Regional Trail, Lilydal Regional Park Trail and the Samuel Margan Regional Trail.


The trails within the Mississippi River Trail Bikeway are all paved, but do not form a continuous system. To get from one section to another, there are designated routes along the adjacent roadways. The pathways are open for non-motorized use such as bike riding, running and walking.


The Mississippi River Trail Bikeway goes past the following communities in the Twin Cities Metro Area: Ramsey, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, St. Paul, South St. Paul, Newport, Inner Grove Heights, Rosemount and Hastings.

Point of Interest

The MRT goes past numerous points of interest along its route, including:

Lake Itasca Stone Arch Bridge
North River Park Gold Medal Park
Ferry Street Bridge University of Minnesota Campus
Chandler Park East River Flats Park
Anoka-Ramsey Community College 10th Avenue BridgeNorthern
Coon Rapids Ice Center Pacific Bridge No. 9
Al Flynn Park E. Franklin Avenue Bridge
Anoka Hennepin Regional High School University of St. Thomas
Coon Rapids Dam Shadow Falls Park Preserve
Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park Mississippi Gorge Regional Park
Cenaiko Lake Dowling Elementary School
Jewell Park Minnehaha Academy
Riverview Heights Park Minnehaha Park
River Park Hidden Falls Regional Park
Stevenson Elementary School Historic Fort Snelling
Chase Island Park Crosby Farm Park
Islands of Peace Regional Park Lilydale / Harriet Island Regional Park
Community Park Wabash Street Bridge
Chase Island Park Lower Landing Park
Riverfront Regional Park St. Paul Downtown Airport
North Mississippi Regional Park Municipal Forest
Webber Park Indian Mounds Park
Broadway Street Bridge Kaposia Landing
Plymouth Avenue Bridge Interstate 494 Bridge
Boom Island Pine Bend Bluffs Scietific and Natural Area
Nicollet Island Spring Lake Regional Park
DeLaSalle High School Lake Rebecca Park
Hennipin Avenue Bridge Hastings Road Bridge
Central Avenue Bridge Kings Cove Marina
St. Anthony Falls
Nearby Trails

Many other recreational trails in the Twin Cities Metro Area connect to the MRT.

Rum River Regional Trail: this trail stretches from Bunker Lake Boulevard near Anoka High School to the Mississippi River near East River Road in Anoka.

Coon Creek Regional Trail: the trail intersects the MRT at Coon Rapids Boulevard, just south of Egret Boulevard near Al Flynn Park in Coon Rapids.

Rush Creek Regional Trail: the trail intersects the MRT along W. River Road near the entrance to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.

Grand Rounds Scenic Byway: the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway is a collection of connected parkways that wrap around Minneapolis. The portion of the Grand Rounds that follows alongside the Mississippi River is part of the MRT. The Grand Rounds takes of to the west in two locations, at the 42nd Avenue Bridge and at Minnehaha Park near Hiawatha Avenue and E. Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis.

Shingle Creek Trail: this trail takes off from the Grand Rounds to the west of the 42nd Avenue Bridge and heads to the northwest. The Shingle Creek Trail connects to the Shingle Creek Regional Trail.

Cedar Lake Trail: the trail intersects the MRT to the northeast of the Hennepin Bridge.

Midtown Greenway: the trail intersects the MRT between E. 26th Street and E. 27th Street in Minneapolis.


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