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Samuel Morgan Regional Trail

Samuel Morgan Regional Trail Minnesota map area

Samuel Morgan Regional Trail


9 miles




St. Paul


Mississippi River, Marinas, Crosby Farm Regional Park, museums, Downtown St. Paul, regional parks


East Mississippi River Gorge Trail

Hidden Farms Regional Park Trail

Fort Snelling State Park Trails

Big River Regional Trail


St. Paul

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Mississippi River Trail Bikeway

Regional Trails

The Samuel Morgan Regional Trail is a 9-mile long paved pathway that follows the north bank of the Mississippi River through the heart of the St. Paul urban area. This trail is one of many interconnecting trails that are situated along the shores of the river. These trails include the paved and unpaved walking trails at Crosby Farm Regional Park.

The Samuel Morgan Regional Trail follows alongside Shepard Road past high density residential areas and business parks and provides a good route for getting from one area to another without having to cross numerous streets. The route has nice views of the river where you can watch the boats and barges go by and the trail goes past several parks and other points of interest.

The Samuel Morgan Regional Trail is part of the Mississippi River Trail Bikeway system of pathways and bike lanes that span across much of Minnesota.


The Samuel Morgan Regional Trail is paved the entire route. The trail follows alongside Shepard Road, but there are relatively few road crossings. The trail is open for bike riding and walking.

Points of Interest

The Samuel Morgan Regional Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Watergate Marina
Crosby Farm Regional Park
Crosby Lake
High Bridge Dog Park
Chestnut Plaza
Upper Landing Park
Science Museum of Minnesota
Eagle Street Plaza Park
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
Lower Landing Park
Indian Mounds Park
Municipal Forrest and Battle Creek Regional Park
Nearby Trails

There are numerous recreational trails along this stretch of the Mississippi River in which trail users can connect to reach other areas of the Twin Cities Metro Area.

These recreational trails include: East Mississippi River Gorge Trail, Hidden Farms Regional Park Trail, Fort Snelling State Park Trails, Big River Regional Trail, Indian Mounds Park Trail, Battle Creek Regional Park Trail.

End Points

The west end of the Samuel Morgan Regional Trail is located at Shepard Road near the interchange with Highway 5 on the north side of the river, just before the bridge that crosses the river. This location is also the end of the East Mississippi River Gorge Trail and near the Crosby Farm Park Trail and the Hidden Farms Regional Park Trail.

Near the east end, the trail runs alongside Warner Road to cross over the numerous railroad tracks. At N. fish Hatchery Road, trail users can connect to the Indian Mounds Park Trail that heads into the Downtown St. Paul Area.

The east end of the Samuel Morgan Regional Trail is located along Highway 10 near the end of Point Douglas Road S where it connects with trails in Battle Creek Regional Park.