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Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Albert Lea Lake Trail

Blazing Star State Trail

Fountain Lake Trail

Shoff Park Trail




Regional Trails

Albert Lea is located in the southern part of Minnesota. The city is located about 50 miles southwest of Rochester. Albert Lea has numerous lakes and is surrounded by farmland.

Blazing Star State Trail

The Blazing Star State Trail is a 6-mile long paved pathway that travels along the north banks of Albert Lea Lake then through the Myre-Big Island State Park. On its west end, the trail goes past Frank Hall Park. In the state park, the trail goes across the natural areas of prairie grassland, oak savanna, wetlands and maple and basswood forest.

Fountain Lake Trails

There are paved pathways alongside Fountain Lake within the city of Albert Lea. One of the pathways is 1-mile long and spans between Richway Drive and Johnson Street and goes past Brookside Park, Brookside Education Center and Pioneer Park. Another section of paved trail follows alongside Bridge Avenue and wraps around New Denmark Park and out the Katherine Island. There is also a 0.9-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Lakeview Boulevard on the west banks of Fountain Lake.


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