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Recreational trails in Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin

Duluth, Minnesota map area

Duluth, Minnesota

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Lake Walk

Millennium Trail

Osaugie Trail

Richard Bong Bridge Trail

Superior Hiking Trail

Tischer Creek Trail

Tri-County Corridor Trail

Western Waterfront Trail

Willard Munger State Trail


Regional Trails

Duluth is located along the shores of Lake Superior in Eastern Minnesota. Superior is situated just to the south across the St. Louis River in Northern Wisconsin. This is a beautiful area with waterfront walks, thick forests, rugged cliffs, rushing streams, cascading waterfalls and dramatic views of the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. These are port cities with ships and boats coming and going under the Aerial Lift Bridge. The cities are also home of the University of Minnesota Duluth and the University of Wisconsin Superior.

Duluth and Superior offer several paved recreational trails for exploring the area. There are also many hiking trails that take off right out of town and head into the forest and up along the cliffs for a dramatic view looking over the city and the lake. Heading south of town, you can ride along the Willard Munger State Trail for up to 70 miles through the forest and the local towns.

Lake Walk

The Lake Walk trail wanders along the Lake Superior Waterfront for about 6 miles from Lake Avenue to Lester Park. In some locations there are two parallel pathways, one a boardwalk and the other a paved surface for bike riders. The views from the Lake Walk are that of the buildings of Downtown Duluth, the lighthouse, the ships going in and out of the Aerial Lift Bridge and the local wildlife along the shoreline. The trail goes by Downtown Duluth, through green parkways and gardens, past schools and out to residential neighborhoods.

You can get to the Lake Walk path by heading toward the lake along Lake Avenue. Head over the bridge across Interstate 35 and there are access paths down to the shoreline. there are also access paths along E. Michigan Street, Superior Street and London Road.

Willard Munger State Trail

The Willard Munger State Trail is a 70-mile long paved trail that extends from the City of Duluth to Hinkley. The trail is located to the southeast of Duluth, roughly following Interstate 35. Much of the paved path was constructed along the beds of abandoned railroads. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and in-line skating. The trail goes through several small towns and is an especially beautiful ride to take when the autumn colors appear.

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Millennium Trail

The Millennium Trail is a 1.8-mile long paved pathway that is located on the southwest side of Superior. The trail spans between Billings Drive and Elmira Avenue, just below N. 28th Street. The trail travels through dense forest away from streets and traffic.

Osaugie Trail & Tri-County Corridor Trail

The Osaugie Trail is a 5.3-mile long paved pathway that spans between Harborview Park and Moccasin Mike Road in superior, Wisconsin. The trail travels through parks along the shoreline of Superior Bay, past marinas and piers, over wetlands and forested areas. At its southeastern end, the Osaugie Trail meets the unpaved Tri-County Corridor Trail.

The Tri-County Corridor Trail is a 64-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that spans between Superior and Ashland. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way and crosses through miles of woodlands and wetlands in the northern tip of Wisconsin. Note: The Tri-County Corridor Trail allows all terrain vehicles.

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