Map of the  Shooting Star State Trail, MN


Shooting Star State Trail

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Shooting Star State Trail


20 miles




Rose Creek, Adams, Taopi, Le Roy


rail trail, Minnesota countryside, farmland, Lake Louise State Park, Rustic Retreat Wildlife Management Area, Shooting Star Prairie Scientific and Natural Area, Taopi Prairie Interpretive Area, and Mower County Natural and Scenic Area



Regional Trails

The Shooting Star State Trail is a 20-mile long paved pathway located in Southeastern Minnesota. The trail spans between the communities of Rose Creek and LeRoy. This area is located to the southeast of Austin and just north of the border with the State of Iowa.

The Shooting Star State Trail travels alongside Minnesota 56 for much of its route.  The southernmost portion heads to the east from the highway and wanders through farmland and forested areas and then through Lake Louise State Park before it heads into the middle of the community of La Roy.

Future plans for the trail will extend it to the north and reach the community of Austin.


The Shooting Star State Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding and walking. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail.


The Shooting Star State Trail goes past the following communities: Rose Creek, Adams, Taopi and Le Roy

Points of Interest

The Shooting Star State Trail  goes past the following points of interest:

Cedar River Golf Course
Adams Park Pavilion
Shooting Star Prairie Scientific and Natural Area 
Bridge over the Upper Iowa River
Lake Louise State Park
LeRoy Ostrander High School
End Points

The northwest end of the Shooting Star State Trail is located at the intersection of Maple Street and 610th Avenue in Rose Creek.

The southeast end of the trail is located along Lowell Street to the eastof 770th Avenue in Le Roy. There is a parking area at this location.


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