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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Saginaw, Michigan

The City of Saginaw is located in Saginaw County in Eastern Michigan. The city is situated along the Saginaw River and is about 16 miles southwest of Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron.

Sagina Riverwalk

Saginaw & Bay City, Michigan map area

Saginaw & Bay City, Michigan

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Harger Line Rail Trail

Saginaw-Kochville Townships Pedestrian Paths

Saginaw Riverwalk

Saginaw Valley Rail Trail

Saginaw Valley State University Trail

Thomas Township Trail


Bay City


Regional Trails

The Saginaw Riverwalk is a system of paved pathways located along the river and extends 2.5-miles from E. Genesee Avenue to Wickespark Drive. The Riverwalk wanders through or past the parks near the river, including Rust Park, Anderson Water Park, Hoyt Park and the Children's Zoo.

Saginaw Valley Rail Trail

The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail is a 9.5-mile long paved pathway that extends from Saginaw to the community of St. Charles. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and heads cross country through farmland and natural areas. the trail includes seven bridges and crosses many wetland areas. The trail goes past the Shiawassee River State Game Area and the Shiwassee National Wildlife Refuge. The trail is open for bike riding and hiking. There is also an equestrian trail. Use of the trail is free.

The north end of the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail is located at Stroebel Road on the southwest side of Saginaw. There is a large trailhead about 1 mile south of the intersection of S. River road and Stoebel Road. Another way to reach the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail is to travel along the Thomas Township Trail that extends from just north of Gratiot Road and heads south to the rail trail.

The south end of the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail is located on Water Street on the east side of St. Charles. There is a large trailhead with restroom in Lumberman's Park on the south side of the Bad River.

Harger Line Rail Trail

The Harger Line Rail Trail is a 9.5-mile long paved pathway that spans between N. Towerline Road to Saginaw Road on the east side of the city. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way going past farmland and away from roads and traffic.


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