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Recreational trails for walking and cycling in Houghton and Hancock, Michigan

Houghton, Michigan map area

Houghton, Michigan

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Houghton Waterfront Trail

Hancock Lake Linden Trail


Regional Trails

Houghton and Hancock are located in Houghton County on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These small communities are situated on Portage Canal and Portage Lake between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Houghton Waterfront Trail

The community has a nice paved recreational trail located that extends for about 3.5 miles along the waterfront. The trail extends from the Portage Canal Lift Bridge and Pilgrim Point. The route of the trail takes it past Bridgeview Park, the marinas and Michigan Technological University. The southeast end of the trail connects trail users with the Peepsock Trail and trails in Nara Nature Park.

Hancock Lake Linden Trail

On the other side of Portage Canal, there is an unpaved trail that extends from Hancock to Lake Linden. The trail follows alongside Highway 26 and offers nice vies of Torch Lake.


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