Map of the Lakelands Trail


Lakelands Trail State Park

Lakelands Trail State Park Michigan map area

Lakelands Trail State Park


21 miles


paved / unpaved


Stockbridge, Pinckney, Township of Hamburg, Whitmore Lake


rail trail, Michigan countryside, farmland, rural communities, local parks, schools



Ann Arbor

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The Lakelands Trail is a 21.0 mile long paved and unpaved pathway that spans between Stockbridge and Hamburg in Southeatern Michigan. The route is located to the northwest of Ann Arbor. The trail was constructed along an abandoned rail road right-of-way and goes through the beaurtiful Michigan countryside. The trail goes through miles of farmland and past forested preserves. The route goes through the rural communities within this area and goes past local parks and schools. The eastern 11 miles of the trail lies within Lakelands Trail State Park.


The Lakelands Trail has paved and unpaved portions. The paved section has a surface of asphalt and the unpaved portion is wide and graded with a surface of gravel, and has some areas that have grassy patches. The trail is open for non-motorised use such as bike riding, running and walking. 

The 11.7 mile unpaved trail portion of the trail extends from Stockbridge to W. Main Street in Pinckney. The 9.3-mile paved portion extends from W. Main Street in Pinckney to Hamburg.


The Lakelands Trail goes past or close to the following communities: Stockbridge, Pinckney, Township of Hamburg and Whitmore Lake.

Points of Interest

The Lakelands Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Beckwith Preserve
Pathfinder School
Navigator School
Country Elementary School
Zukey Lake
Lakeland Elementary School
Hamburg Township Library
Manly W. Bennett Park
End Points

The west end of the Lakelands Trail is located at the intersection of S. Center Street and S. Clinton Street in Stockbridge.

The east end of the Lakelands Trail is located along 9 Mile Road to the west of Lemen Road in Hamburg.


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