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Leelanau Trail

Leelanau Trail Michigan map area

Leelanau Trail


17 miles




Suttons Bay, Bingham, Elmwood Charter Township, Traverse City


views of West Arm Grand Traverse Bay, woodlands, Cedar Lake


Traverse Area Recreation Trail


Regional Trails

The Leelanau Trail is a 17-mile long paved pathway that stretches between Suttons Bay and Traverse City in Northern Michigan. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor and goes through a beautiful area of Michigan. The route of the trail travels along the shoreline of Suttons Bay, past hardwood forests, open farmland, orchards, vineyards and ponds. 

The Leelanau Trail meets up with other recreational trails in Traverse City which add another 8.5 miles of pathways to explore.


The Leelanau Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and running. The route travels cross country away from roads and there are relatively few road crossings.

Points of Interest

The Leelanau Trail goes past the following points of interest:

West Bay Shore
Sutton's Bay Marina
Elmwood Marina
Fulton Park
Nearby Trails

Traverse Area Recreational Trail: the south end of the Leelanau Trail connects to the Traverse Area Recreational Trail at E. Carter Road in Traverse City. The Traverse Area Recreational Trail extends as far east at Travese City State Park at the south end of West Arm Grand Traverse Bay and up the other side as far as Bunker Hill Road.

There are other recreational trails in Traverse City as well, such as the Boardman Lake Trail, the Mall Trail and the Buffalo Ridge Trail.

End Points

The north end of the Leelanau Trail is located at N. Dumas Road, north of the town of Suttons Bay. The trail then heads to the south near the lake front for 1.25 miles to the center of he town. This portion of the trail ends at Adams Street and Front Street in Suttons Bay and trail users need to travel a short distance along Front Street and Cedar Street to get to the next section. This point is near the marina and the beach and there is parking on both Adams Street and Front Street. The next section of the trail starts at the intersection of W. 1st Street and Cedar Street in Suttons Bay.

The south end of the Leelanau Trail is located at Carter Road, just west of SW Bay Shore Drive, north of Traverse City. Trail users can continue traveling south on the Traverse Area Recreation Trail to go through Traverse City and continue for another 8 miles to the community of Acme where the trail stops at Bunker Hill Road.


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