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Alpena Bi-Path

Alpena to Hillman Trail

North Eastern State Trail


Regional Trails

Alpena is located on the shores of Thunder Bay of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan. Alpena is situated in what is known as the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, a sparsely populated area with miles of shorline, thick forests and abundant wildlife.

Within the City of Alpena you will find a system of recreational trails named the Alpena Bi-Path. Radiating out from the city there are two rail-trails that take you into the natural areas of Northern Michigan. These lengthy rail-trails are the Alpena-Hillman Trail and the North Eastern State Trail.

Alpena Bi-Path

The Alpena Bi-Path is a 10-mile system of paved trails that are located throughout the city. These pathways allow trail-users to enjoy the scenery around the city and provide a great way for the residents to get about town. The trails connect several parks, has pretty shoreline views and goes by several other attractions. The Bi-path is not connected for its entire length and trail users may need to use streets or sidewalks to get from one section to the next.

The Alpena Bi-Path goes by the following points of interest: Duck Park, Island Park, Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary, Alpena County Fairgrounds, Arthur E. Sytek Roadside Park, Ella M. White School, Mich-e-ke-wis Park, Starlite Beach, Bay View Park, Alpena Yacht Club, Alpena High School, Thunder Bay Junior High School, South Riverfront Park, North Riverfront Park, Boys & Girls Club of Alpena, Rotary Island Mill Park, LaMarre Park, Lake Besser, Alpena Regional Medical Center and Alpena Community College.

The Alpena Bi-Path intersects with the Alpena HillmanTrail on Bagley Street near Alpena High School.

Alpena to Hillman Trail

The Alpena to Hillman Trail is a 22-mile long pathway that extends between the communities of Hillman and Alpena in Northern Michigan. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail is more suitable for hiking than bike riding and is used by snowmobiles during winter months. The surface is that of railroad ballast and natural grasses and soil. Horseback riding is permitted in the summer.

The trail goes through thick forest and you may encounter wildlife along the way. There are few road crossings and the route is quite remote. There are several small bridges for crossing the streams along the way.

The east end of the Alpena Trail is located at N. Franklin Street and Ontario Street in Alpena. The trail heads directly west from this point going past Alpena High School, intersecting with the Alpena Bi-Path then going past Thunder Bay Junior High School. The western end of the trail is located at the end of Progress Street on the east side of Hillman.

North Eastern State Trail

The North Eastern State Trail is a 71-mile long 10' wide pathway that has been improved with a surface of packed crushed limestone. The trail is also known as the Alpena to Cheboygn Rail-Trail.

The North Eastern State Trail travels across the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It connects the cities of Cheboygan and Alpena and goes near several other communities along the way. Trail-users will travel through thick forests, past several lakes and across historic trestle bridges. The trail is open for non-motorized use in summer and allows snowmobiles in winter.

The southeastern end of the North Eastern State Trail is located on Woodward Avenue, just north of Alpena Community College on the north end of Alpena.

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