Map of the Southern Links Trailway

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Southern Links Trailway

Southern Links Trailway Micigan map area

Southern Links Trailway


10.2 miles




Millington, Otter Lake Columbiaville


rail trail, Michigan countryside, lakes, woodlands, creeks, causeway and bidge across the Flint River


Regional Trails

The Southern Links Trailway is a 10.2-mile long paved pathway that stretches between the cities of Millington and Coumbiaville in Eastern Michigan, 16 miles northeast of Flint. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and connects the communities of Millington, Otter Lake and Columbiaville. The trail goes past farmland, through lovely forested stretches, across wetlands, over several creeks and past numerous ponds and lakes.

One highlight of the trail is the long causeway and bridge across the Flint River in Columbiaville.


The Southern Links Trailway is paved and is for non-motorized uses such as bike riding and walking. There is a separate path for people riding horses. Dogs are allowed and must be on leashes.


The Southern Links Trailway goes past the following communities: Millington, Otter Lake and Columbiaville

End Points

The north end of the trail is near Millington High School on the south side of Millington. There is a trailhead with parking at this location at the south end of Gleason Street. The trail travels another 5.8 miles to the community of Otter Lake.

The south end of the Southern Links Trailway is located in Columbiaville. The trail crosses the lake along a long causeway end ends off of Water Street. Then is parking and a restroom at this location.


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