Map of the Musketawa Trail and Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail


Musketawa Trail and Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail

Musketawa Trail Michigan map area

Musketawa Trail


25 miles




Muskegon, Ravenna, Marne, Grand Rapids


rail trail, Michigan countryside, farmland, woodlands


Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail



Grand Rapids

Regional Trails

The Musketawa Trail is a 25-mile long paved pathway that extends from the Grand Rapids urban area to the Muskegon urban area. it is a multi-use trail open for bike riding and walking. The route of the trail travels through wide open countryside, past farmland, across wetlands and through thickly forested stretches. The pathway was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail has relatively few road crossings and has gentle grades, making it an excellent family destination for healthful exercise and experiencing the great outdoors.


The Musketawa Trail is paved the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. The trail has gentle grades and few curves and takes a very rural route for most of the way.


The Musketawa Trail goes past the following communities: Muskegon, Ravenna, Marne and stops just west of Grand Rapids.

End Points

The western end of the Musketawa Trail is located at a point just north of the intersection of Black Creek Road and E. Sherman Boulevard in East Muskegon.There is a trailhead with parking off of E. Broadway Avenue near Devowe Street.

The southeastern end of the trail is located in the community of Marne at 8th Avenue and Garfield Street. There is a large trailhead at this location. 

Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail

The Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail is a paved pathway extends the trail system another 5.5 miles from the community of Marne to the community of Walker on the northwest side of Grand Rapids.

The southeastern end of the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail is located at the intersection of 3 Mile Road NW and Walker Avenue NW in Walker.


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