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Huron-Sunrise Trail

Huron-Sunrise Trail Michigan Map Area

Huron-Sunrise Trail


11 miles




Manitou Beach, Rogers City


views of Lake Huron, 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, local parks, marinas


Regional Trails

The Huron-Sunrise Trail is an 11-mile long paved trail in Rogers City in Northern Michigan. The trail connects the city's parks and outlying points of interest. The trail follows the Lake Huron Shoreline and extends from South Shore Park to the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse. The trail follows alongside State Highway 23 then wanders along the waterfront area of Rogers City.

The route includes the historic 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, forested stretches, beaches along the shore of Lake Huron, several local parks, residential neighborhoods, and the harbor area of Rogers City.


The entire Huron-Sunrise Trail is paved. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. The trail in not continuous and trail users will need to use streets or sidewalks to connect from one section to the other.


The Huron-Sunrise Trail goes near the following communities: Manitou Beach and Rogers City.

Points of Attraction

Points of attraction along the Huron-Sunrise Trail include:

40-mile Point Lighthouse
Hoeft State Park
Herman Volger Conservation Area
Trout River Park
Seagull Point Park
Seagull Point Park
North Shore Park
Rogers City Marina
Lakeside Park
End Points

The northern end of the Huron-Sunrise Trail is located near the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse off of Highway 23 to the southeast of Manitou Beach.

The southern end of the trail is located at South Shore Park off of Calcite Road and E. Orchard Street in Rogers City.


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