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Longmont, Colorado

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Clover Basin Ditch Trail

Dry Creek Greenway

Left Hand Greenway

Longmont Boulder Regional Trail

Lykins Gulch Trail

McIntosh Park

Oligarchy Ditch Trail

Sandstone Ranch Trails

Spring Gulch Trail

St. Vrain Greenway

Rough and Ready Trail




Regional Trails

Longmont is located about 35 miles north of Downtown Denver and about 14 miles northeast of Boulder in Northern Colorado. The city is situated along the St. Vrain River and sits at the base of foothills for the Indian Peaks. It is also along the way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Longmont has a large network of recreational trails that extends throughout the city. Many of these trails follow along natural areas located alongside the creeks and rivers in the area. Other trails are located in the regional and local parks or wander through residential neighborhoods. The trail system took a big hit with the floods in September of 2013, but Longmont has been in the process of repairing and improving the trail system.

St. Vrain Greenway

The St. Vrain Greenway is a system of separate paved pathways that span for over 7 miles along the St. Vrain River as is crosses through much of Longmont. The route of the trail was severely impacted by the 2013 flooding and does have some gaps. The westerly section spans from Golden Ponds Park, crosses under Hover Street and wraps around Rogers Grove Park. The middle section spans from Izaak Walton Park on S. Sunset Street to S. Main Street. The easterly section spans from the shopping area on the north side of E. Ken Pratt Boulevard, crosses under Ken Pratt Boulevard near 119th Street then ends to the east of E. County Line Road.

Left Hand Greenway

The Left Hand Greenway is a 3-mile long paved pathway that stretches between N. 95th Street south of Pike Road to its intersection with the St. Vrain Greenway to the east of the intersection of S. Martin Street and E. Ken Pratt Boulevard. The trail connects to the Longmont-Boulder Regional Trail on the west end and goes past Left Hand Creek Park, Kanemoto Park and the Longmont Recreation Center.

Longmont-Boulder Regional Trail "LoBo Trail"

The Longmont-Boulder Regional Trail, "LoBo Trail" is an 11-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between the Gunbarrel area of Boulder N. 95th Street on the southwest side of Longmont. The trail wander through Boulder County and goes through the community of Niwot along the route. There are beautiful cottonwood groves, natural wetlands and grassy fields, farmland, industrial and commercial centers and residential neighborhoods along the route. Within Boulder there are a few gaps where trail uses will need to use local streets to reach the next section.

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Lykins Gulch Greenway

The Lykins Gulch Greeway is a paved pathway located to the east of Airport Road and north of Rogers Road on the west side of Longmont. The trail connects the multi-use paths along Airport Road to the Golden Ponds Park trails and the St. Vrain Greenway.

Dry Creek Greenway

The Dry Creek Greenway is a meandering paved pathway that travels for over 3 miles through the residential neighborhoods on the west side of Longmont. The trail spans from N. 75th Street , 1/3 mile north of Pike Road, to the Twin Peaks Mall on the east side of Hover. The greenway goes past Blue Skies Park, Blue Mountain Elementary School, under Airport Road and through Willow Farm Park. Trail users will need to take a jog at Hover Street to cross safely.

Rough & Ready Greenway

The Rough & Ready Greenway is a 2.5-mile long paved path located on the north side of Longmont. The trail spans between Highway 66 to St. Vrain Road to the east of Highway 287. Much of the trail follows the greenspace along the ditch.The trail goes past Rough & Ready Park, Alpine Elementary School and Skyline High School.

Oligarchy Ditch Trail

The Oligarchy Ditch Trail is a 1.7-mile long paved pathway that spans between E. Mountain View Avenue and E. 3rd Avenue on the north side of Longmont. The trail goes past Timberline Elementary School, Clark Centennial Park, Spring Gulch Greenway, the Longmont YMCA, Rocky Mountain Elementary School and Rothrock Dell Park.

Spring Gulch Greenway

The Spring Gulch Greenway is a 1.4-mile long paved path located on the north side of Longmont. The trail spans between Clark Centennial Park and E. 3rd Avenue. The Spring Gulch Greenway connect to the Oligarchy Ditch Trail, wanders through residential neighborhoods and goes past Kensington Park.

Sandstone Ranch Park

Sandstone Ranch Park is located along Highway 119, 3 miles west of Interstate 25, on the east side of Longmont. The 313 acre park has athletic fields, picnic facilities, a large playground and over 3 miles of paved walking paths. There is a Visitor Center located in the historic farmhouse. Before the 2013 flooding, Sandstone Ranch was accessible via the St. Vrain Greenway but the trails along the river recieved a great deal of damage and are not currently passable.

McIntosh Lake

McIntosh Lake is located along Highway 66, 6 miles east of Lyons, on the northwest side of Longmont. There is a 3.5-mile long paved and unpaved pathway around the entire lake. McIntosh Park is located on the north side of the lake. Flanders Park is located on the east side and Dawson Park is located on the southeast side of the lake. There are beautiful views of the foothills and the Indian Peak range from the lake as well as an abundance of wildlife including waterfowl. The lake is a great place for bird-watching.

The trail is paved on the east side and the south side adjacent to Flanders Park and Dawson Park. The remainder of the trail is wide and grades, but is not paved.


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