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Castle Rock, Colorado

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Castle Oaks Drive Multi-Use Path

Cherry Creek Trail

East Plum Creek Trail

Fairgrounds Regional Park Trail

Hangmans Gulch Trail

Memmen Ridge Trail

Native Legend Trails

Woodlands Trail


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Castle Rock is one of the Front Range cities that are located along the Interstate 25 corridor of Central Colorado. This community is about 28 miles south of Downtown Denver and about 40 miles north of Downtown Colorado Springs. This is a very pretty area with rugged mesas and sage brush filled valleys and lovely golf courses.

The Town of Castle Rock has a large recreational trail system. The trails include the East Plum Creek Trail, the Native Legend Trail system, the Mitchell Gulch Trail, the Woodlands Trail and the Hangmans Gulch Trail as well as multi-use paths alongside many of the major roadways throughout the town.

East Plum Creek Trail

The East Plum Creek Trail is a 5.6-mile long paved pathway that wanders through the natural area alongside East Plum Creek through much of Castle Rock. The trail stretches from Castle View High School on Meadows Boulevard to Plum Creek Parkway on the south side of the town. The trail goes past a number of parks, schools and connects to other recreational trails along the route.

Hangmans Gulch Trail

Hangmans Gulch Trail is a paved pathway that connects to the East Plum Creek Trail to the west of I-25 and north or E. Wolfensberger Road. Hangmans Gulch Trail then heads east and tucks under Interstate 25 with a 300 foot long tunnel. The trail goes past Douglas County High School and allows a connection to the Woodlands Trail at Woodlands Boulevard.

Woodlands Trail

The Woodlands Trail is a paved pathway that spans between Woodlands Boulevard and Founders Parkway. The trail allows a connection to the Hangmans Gulch Trail near Douglas County High School.

Mitchell Gulch Trail

The Mitchell Gulch Trail is a paved pathway located on the south side of Castle Rock. The north end of the trail is located at Enderud Boulevard and the south end is south Matney Park.

Cherry Creek Trail

The Cherry Creek Trail is a 42-mile long paved pathway that spans between Downtown Denver to Franktown, to the northeast of Castle Rock. Heading north from Castle Rock, the Cherry Creek Trail goes through Parker, Aurora, past Cherry Creek Park and Cherry Creek Reservoir and then through the southeastern part of the Denver Metro area before intersection the South Platte River Trail in Downtown Denver.

The Cherry Creek Trail can be accessed at Franktown on Highway 86, just west of Highway 83 to the east of Castle Rock. It can also be accessed form Castle Oaks Drive to the northeast of Castle Rock.


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