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Summit County, Colorado

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Summit County, Colorado

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Blue River Recpath

Dillon Reservoir Recpath

Keystone Resort Trail

Lower Blue River Recpath

Snake River Rec Path

Tenmile Recpath

Vail Pass / Tenmile Canyon National Recreation Trail


Regional Trails

Summit County is located in the Central Mountains of Colorado about 66 miles west along Interstate 70 from Downtown Denver. This area has three major ski areas and several year-round resort areas. The communities in Summit County include Keystone, Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge, Silverthorne and Copper Mountain. This area is a destination from residents along the Colorado Front Range cities and tourists from around the USA and the world. Dillon Reservoir is one of Colorado's largest lake and sits at the heart of Summit County. There are many opportunities for outdoor exercise including: skiing, hiking, mountain biking and sailing.

A large network of recreational trails are located in Summit County. These trails provide a year round opportunity for getting around between the resorts. In summer, these trails are open for walking, bike riding and running. There are fantastic views of the surrounding peaks that reach heights of twelve to fouteen thousand feet in elevation. There is the Tenmile Range to west side of Dillon Reservoir and the fourteeners of Grays and Torreys on the east side. Whale Peak, Mt. Guyot and Bald Mountain can be seen to the south and the peaks of the Gore Range can be seen to the north of Interstate 70.

Dillon Reservoir Recpath

The Dillon Reservoir Recpath is a 17-mile long paved pathway that goes most of the way around Dillon Reservoir in Summit County. The recpath travels along the shores of Lake Dillon, through aspen groves and evergreens. The trail goes across the face of Dillon Dam and there are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the boats out sailing on the water. The trail goes past the communities of Dillon and Frisco and connects to several other recreational trails in the area.

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Snake River Recpath

The Snake River Recpath is a 3-mile long paved path that stretches between the north end of Dillon Reservoir to the base of Keystone Ski Area. At its west end, the Snake River Recpath connects to the Dillon Reservoir Recpath. The trail goes through some pretty forested areas, across some wetlands and past the golf course. There are views back toward the Tenmile Range. At the east end, the recpath connects to pedestrian paths within the Keystone area. These trails go past the base of the ski lifts and near condominiums, restaurants and shops. The trail only has a few road crossings and is less used than the trails near the reservoir, but there is a bit of a climb as you head to Keystone.

Blue River Recpath

The Blue River Recpath is a 7.5-mile long paved pathway that stretches between Frisco and Breckenridge to the south of Lake Dillon. The trail starts at its intersection wih the Dillon Reservoir Recpath near the intersection of Swan Mountain Road and Highway 9 in Frisco. The trail heads south through the beautiful Blue River Valley. There are interpretive signs that point out the mining history of the area. At the south end, the trail wanders through the resort town of Breckenridge, going past parks, shops and restaurants.

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Tenmile Recpath

The Tenmile Recpath  is a 9-mile long paved pathway that wraps around the south side of Frisco then heads south to the Copper Mountain Resort. The trail connects to the Dillon Reservoir Recpath near St. Anthony Medical Center in Frisco. Trail users can also connect to the trail at the west end of W. Main Street in Frisco. To the south of Frisco, the trail follows alongside Tenmile Creek along the base of steep hillsides. This is a pretty stretch with the riparian habitat along the creek. A spur of the trail heads over to Copper Mountain and allows for a connection to the Vail Pass / Tenmile Range Canyon Recreation Trail that climbs to the top of Vail Pass.

Lower Blue River Recpath

The Lower Blue River Recpath is a 2-mile long paved path that starts at the base of Dillon Reservoir on the west end of Dillon, tucks under Interstate 70 then heads north through Silverthorne for about 1.5 miles. The trail follows the Blue River as it comes out of Dillon Reservoir and continues along the banks of the river going past the restaurants and shops in Silverthorne.

Vail Pass/Tenmile Canyon National Recreation Trail

The Vail Pass / Tenmile Canyon National Recreation Trail is an 18-mile long paved pathway that spans between the east end of the resort of Vail and the resort of Copper Mountain.  The trail has a steep climb on both sides, reches an elevation of 10,662 feet and is not appropriate for all levels of bike riders. The trail takes a winding route through the evergreen forests, aspen groves and mountain meadows in the area. On the eastern side of Vail Pass the trail follows alongside West Tenmile Creek alongside Interstate 70.

At the top of Vail Pass the trail goes past the CDOT rest area. Parking and restrooms are available at the rest area. There are beautiful views of the Gore Range and the Tenmile Range from this location. The trail uses the frontage road for a about 1.5 miles as it continues over the pass. The trail then heads downhill to a point along I-70 to the west of Vail. Some riders choose to use shuttle cars that park at the rest area and go down one side or the other to avoid the climb.

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