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Walla Walla, Washington

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Myra Road Trail

Highway 12 Trail

Kingfisher Trail

Mill Creek Trail

Murr Field Trail

Pioneer Park Trail

Whitetail Trail

Yellowhawk Creek Trail



Pasco & Kennewick

Regional Trails

Walla Walla is located in the southeast corner of the State of Washington. It is situated 30 miles west of the Columbia River and 5 miles north of the Oregon border. The city has a mild and sunny climate and offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation.

There are several multi-use pathways that follow alongside major roadways. There are alos a number of otehr recreational trails.

Mill Creek Trail

The Mill Creek Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved pathway that spans from Eastgate Lions Park to Rooks Park on the east side of Walla Walla. The trail goes past Walla Walla Community College and connects to the Kingfisher Trail.

The Mill Creek Trail also goes past the Mill Creek Sportsplex on the south side of the creek.

Kingfisher Trail & Whitetail Trail

The trails connect to the Mill Creek Trail near Walla Walla Community College and head south to Bennington Lake.

Highway 12 Multi-Use Path

The Highway 12 Multi-Use Path follows alongside the roadway for almost 3 miles from Bowman Street to Wellington Avenue.


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