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520 Bike & Pedestrian Path

520 Bike & Pedestrian Path Washington map area

520 Bike & Pedestrian Path


11 miles




Medina, Bellevue, Redmond


Highway 520 bridge over Lake Washington, residential neighborhoods, local parks


Cross Kirkland Corridor

Sammamish River Trail

Bear Creek Trail




Regional Trails

The 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path is 11-miles of paved path along the westbound lanes of Highway 520 from the eastern side ofSeattle to Downtown Redmond. The pedestrian and bicycle pathway has been completed across the 520 floating bridge and trail users can ride form Montlake Boulevard near the University of Washington, across Lake Washington, through Bellevue, past Microsoft Headquarters to connect to the other recreational trails adjacent to Downtown Redmond.

The 520 Bike and Pedestrian Trail is part of the loop of recreational trails that connect Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Bothell.

The path goes past several local parks, residential areas, commercial centers and also past large corporations such as the Microsoft campus. The route also allows connections to other major recreational trails in the area including the Cross Kirkland Corrido and the Sammamish River Trail.


The 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path is paved for the entire route. For most of the way, the path is located adjacent to the highway, so this is great for commuters, but maybe not ideal for someone looking to convene with nature. The portion over Lake Washington does provide wonderful views. The bike path is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path goes past the following communities: Seattle, Medina, Bellevue and Redmond.

Points of Interest

The 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path goes close by the following points of interest:

Univesity of Washington Seattle
Highway 520 floating bridge over Lake Washington
Fairweather Nature Preserve
520 Bridge View Park
Fairweather Bay
Viewpoint Park
Microsoft Corporation
Overlake Transit Center
Redmond West Wetlands
Benjamin Rush Elementary School
Dudley Carter Park
Redmond Town Center
Nearby Trails

Cross Kirkland Corridor: the two trails come within 1/4 mile of each other along 108th Avenue NE in Bellevue.

Sammamish River Trail: the two trails intersect to the east of West Lake Sammamish Parkway in Redmond at the northeast end of the 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path.

Bear Creek Trail: the two trails intersect to the east of West Lake Sammamish Parkway in Redmond at the northeast end of the 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path.

End Points

The southwest end of the 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path is located at

The northeast end of the path is located at the intersection of Leary Way NE and 159th Place NE near Dudley Carter Park in Redmond.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the 520 Bike & Pedestrian Path in Bellevue and Redmond, Washington.