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Pullman, Washington

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Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

Davis Way Side Path

Grand Avenue Greenway

Lawson Gardens Path

Pullman Trail

Sunnyside Park Trails

Terre View Drive Multi-Use Path

Wawawai Road Multi-Use Path


Moscow, ID


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Pullman is located in Eastern Washington 6.5-miles west of the border with Idaho. The city is 11 miles west of Moscow, Idaho along Highway 270. The City of Pullman is situated along the South Fork Palouse River and is home to Washington State University.

Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

The Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is a 7-mile long paved pathway that spans between the campus of Washington State University in Pullman and the campus of the University of Idaho in Mosco, Idaho. The west end of the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail connects to other paved pathways that head into the neighborhoods of Pullman.

The west end of the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is located at SE Bishop Boulevard, just south of E. Main Street in Pullman. Between the two cities, the trail travels alongside the Pullman Moscow Highway past the prairie and hillsides. The east end of the trail is located at Farm Road just south of W. Pullman Road on the west end of Guy Wicks Field in Moscow. At its east end the trail connects to the Paradise Path and that connects to the Latah Trail. These trails combine to create a 22.6-mile long continouous paved pathway.


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