Map of the  Ferry County Rail Trail


Ferry County Rail Trail

Ferry County Rail Trail Washington map area

Ferry County Rail Trail


25.7 miles


unpaved / natural


Torboy, Curlew, Grand Forks (Canada)


rail trail, Curlew Lake, countryside, rural communities, Curlew Creek, Kettle River, Canadian Border


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The Ferry County Rail Trail is a 25.7-mile long unpaved pathway located just south of the border with Canada in northeastern Washington State. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and travels alongside Washington 21 and Curlew Creek and the Kettle River. The trail has a rural route and passes through Ponderosa pine forests and past open farm land. The highlight of the trail is Curlew Lake.


The Ferry County Rail Trail is not paved for the majority of the route.. Portions of the trail have been improved with fine crushed stone and a 3-mile portion around Curlew is paved with asphalt. The trail is open for bicycles and hiking.

The corridor for the trail includes paved and unpaved roads that bikes share with cars and extend to the town of Republic.


The Ferry County Rail Trail goes near the following communities: Torboy, Curlew and Grand Forks in British Columbia, Canada.

Points of Interest

The Ferry County Rail Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Curlew Lake
Tiffany's Resort
tunnel 3 miles north of Curlew
Canadian Border
End Points

The south end of the Ferry County Rail Trail is located along W Heron Creek Road to the west of Washington 21.

The north end of the trail is located at the border with Canada to the south of Grand Forks, British Columbia.


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