Map of the Chehalis Western Trail, WA


Chehalis Western Trail, Washington

Chehalis-Western Trail, Washington

Chehalis Western Trail, Washington


21.2 miles




Olympia, South Bay, Lacey, East Olympia, Skookumchuck, Rainier


Rail trail, Woodard Point, Henderson Inlet, miles of forests, South Sound Center, Chambers Lake, rural towns


I-5 Multi-Use Path

Woodland Trail

Yelm to Tenino Trail





Regional Trails

The Chehalis Western Trail is a 21.2-mile long paved pathway located in the City of Olympia and Thurston County in western Washington. This area is located to the southwest of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. The trail is a rail-trail and was built along an abandoned railroad corridor and spans between Woodard Bay on the Henderson Inlet to a point along Route 507, where it intersects the Yelm to Tenino Trail.

The trail is used by commuters and for recreational purposes. There are fantastic views of Mt. Rainier on clear days, miles of lovely forest and rural areas as well as the commercial area of Lacey.


The Chehalis Western Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail goes through both urban areas and miles of remote forest. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.

The north end of the trail goes through rural residential areas and small farm plots with few road crossings. The middle of the trail goes through the developed areas of Lacey with numerous street crossings. South of East Olympia, there are miles of forest with few road crossings and few services.


The Chehalis Western Trail goes past the following communities: Olympia, South Bay, Lacey, East Olympia, Skookumchuck, and Rainier.

Points of Interest

The Chehalis Western Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Woddard Point
Woodard Bay Conservation Area
Olympia Medical Center
Chinook Middle School
North Thurston High School
Pedestrian overpass for Interstate 5
South Sound Center
Chambers Lake Park
Avonlea Park
Pedestrian overpass for Yelm Highway
Indian Summer Golf Course
Nearby Trails

I-5 Multi-Use Path: the two trails meet at the South Sound Center on the south side of Interstate 5 and west of Sleater Kinney Road SE in Lacey.

Woodland Trail: the two trails intersect at a point to the south of Pacific Avenue SE in Lacey.

Yelm to Torino Trail: the two trails intersect along Route 507 at a point roughly 1.9 miles southwest of the middle of the town of Rainier.

End Points

The northwest end of the Chehalis Western Trail is located in Woodard Point in Woodard Bay Conservation Area in Olympia.

The southeastern end of the trail is located along Route 507 to the east of Turner Road SE in Rainier, Washington.


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