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Tacoma, Washington

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B. P. A. Trail

Cushman Trail

Des Moines Creek Trail

Foothills Trail

Green River Trail

Interurban Trail - King Co.

Lake Youngs Trail

Ruston Way Walking Path

Scott Pierson Trail

Soos Creek Trail

Sumner Link Trail

Water Ditch Trail

White River Trail





Regional Trails

Tacoma, Renton, Kent, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Auburn and Federal Way are located in the western portion of the State of Washington. They cradle the southeast end of Puget Sound and are directly below the greater Seattle urban area. It is a spectacular area with dramatic views of the glacier covered Mt. Rainier and of the islands and waterways of Commencement Bay on Puget Sound with the ships and boats coming and going. This is an area of thick forests and lovely waterfronts along with all that an urban area has to offer.

There are multiple recreational trail systems in this area for recreational bike riding, commuting, walking and running. Some of these trails go right through the heart of the urban landscape, others take you though miles of dense forests along abandoned railroad lines. One trail takes you along the meandering Green River past parks and residential neighborhoods.

B.P.A. Trail

The B.P.A. Trail is a 3.6-mile long paved pathway located in Federal Way, a community to the north of Tacoma. The trail wanders through residential neighborhoods just west of Pacific Highway S. and goes past the Weyerhauser King County Aquatic Center and ends at Celebration Park.

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Cushman Trail

The Cushman Trail is a 6.2-mile long paved pathway that is located alongside Highway 16 in Gig Harbor to the northwest of Downtown Tacoma. The south end of the trail is located along 14th Avenue NW to the south of 32nd Street Court. The trail goes past Madrona Links Golf Course, Gig Harbor and Wilkinson Farm Park. The north end of the trail is located along Borgen Boulevard to the east of Highway 16 in Gig Harbor.

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The Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail is a 25-mile long paved pathway located to the east of Puyallup. The trail was constructed along an historic railroad right-of-way and goes through the beautiful forested areas and farmland of Pierce County. The route of the trail is located away busy highways and traffic and offers fantastic views of Mt. Rainier. The trail goes past several rural communities and includes the old railroad bridges for crossing the local rivers.

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Green River Trail

The Green River Trail is a 19-mile long paved pathway that follows the meandering routes of the Duwamish River and Green River through the cities of Kent and Tukwila in King County in Western Washington. This is an area that is situated between Seattle and Tacoma. The trail takes a winding route going past residential neighborhoods, local parks, hotels, industrial areas and office complexes.The trail makes a great place to take a walk during a lunch break for the people working in the many office buildings along the route.

The Green River Trail intersects the Interurban Trail (King County) in two locations, which makes for a convenient loop. The trail has long uninterrupted stretches without road crossings, but much of the trail is adjacent to roadways.

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Interurban Trail - King County & Interurban Trail - Milton

The Interurban Trail between Seattle and Tacoma consists of two separate paved trails. There is a 14.7 -mile stretch between the communities of Tukwila and Pacific. The other stretch is a 2.8-mile long pathway withing the community of Milton. The King County section of the trail provides a straight shot for commuters to travel away from road traffic, though there are a number of road crossings. The Milton stretch wanders through a beautiful natural area alongside Hylebos Creek to the east of Interstate 5.

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Ruston Way Walking Path

The Ruston Way Walking Path is a 3-mile long paved pathway along the shores of Puget Sound. This is a beautiful stretch of waterfront with views to the north toward Seattle. You can watch the boats coming and going from Commencement Bay, stop at one of the restaurants or parks along the way and maybe catch a view of some local wildlife.

The Ruston Way Walking Path leads to Point Defiance Park. The Ruston Way Walking Path leads to the Port Defiance Promenade which extends for 1.5 miles along the shoreline into the park. The thickly forested park has a number of hiking trails, beautiful rocky beaches, the zoo and aquarium and the Point Defiance Rose Garden.

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Riverwalk Trail - Puyallup

The Riverwalk Trail is a paved pathway follows alongside the Puyallup River for 3.5 miles on the north side of the community of Puyallup to the east of Tacoma. The trail has a half mile long gap from 5th Street to the Highway 512 Bridge. The western section wraps around the Linden Golf and Country Club and ends at the Main Avenue Bridge

Scott Pierson Trail

The Scott Pierson Trail is a 6.8-mile long paved trail located in the heart of Tacoma. The route of the trail follows alongside State Highway 16 from the Allenmore Golf Course to the west across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The trail allows a connection to the Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor.

Sumner Link Trail

The Sumner Link Trail is a 3.6-mile long paved pathway located between the communities of Sumner and Pacific to the east of Tacoma. The trail goes through a thickly forested area along side the White River.

Water Ditch Trail

The Water Ditch Trail is a 2.4-mile long paved pathway that is located on the south side of Tacoma. The trail wanders through the neighborhoods to thw east of Tacoma Way.

White River Trail

The White River Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved pathway that follows the natural areas alongside the river in the community of Auburn. The trail goes past Game Farm Park and Mt. Baker Middle School.


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