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Regional Trails

The communities of Pasco, Kennewick, West Pasco, Finley, Burbank and Richland and West Richland are located along the Columbia River in the southcentral part of the State of Washington. These cities are located where the Snake River and the Yakima River converge with the Columbia River and the are is often referred to as the "Tri-Cities". This area is about a 200 mile drive from Portland, Oregon and 125 mile drive from Spokane, Washington. The area is located in the "rain shadow" of the Cascade Mountains to the west and has a very arid and relatively warm climate.

Many of the parks and other features have names related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition that went through this area along the Columbia River. The expedition camped along the river at what is now Sacagawea State Park. A number of other parks and greenbelts are located along the river. The tri-city area has a number of paved and unpaved recreational trails for riding bikes, strolling along the river and getting about town.

Sacagawea Heritage Trail Loop and Columbia Park Trail

The Sacagawea Heritage Trail Loop is a 24 mile long paved trail system that wanders along the edge of the Columbia River and passes through Kennewick, West Pasco and Pasco. At the south end, the trail starts at Sacagawea State Park at the confluence of the Snake River and the Columbia River. From here the trail heads northwest and takes a couple of turns through the industrial area. The a parking area located at the Port of Pasco at Oregon Avenue and Ainsworth Street. Just past the Port of Pasco, the trail take one more jog then back to the river's edge and to tuck under the Cable Bridge along Highway 397. There are pedestrian access paths along the bridge, if you want to get a good view looking up the river.

Northwest of Cable Bridge the Sacagawea Heritage Trail passes by Riverview Park. Ths park has several ball fields, parking and an paved access path for the trail. Farther to the northwest, along the river, there is an access path to cross over the river again on the Highway 395 bridge, or you can continue traveling along the trail on the north banks. The trail along the north banks goes through Wade Park next to residential neighborhoods. There is parking along Road 54 for the trail. The trail continues along the shores and passes through Chiawana Park. Just a bit north of the park the trail heads out to meet W. Court Street. To continue the loop, you need to ride or walk along Court Street for about 1.2 miles. There is an pedestrian trail on the Highway 182 bridge where you can cross the river to continue on the trail heading southeast across the Riverview Nature Preserve and the Yakima Delta Wildlife Nature Area where the Yakima River meets the Columbia River.

The trail follows Highway 240 through this area, but then takes a sharp turn to the east along the river's edge. It continues past Wye Park, which has a couple parking areas. This is also the location of the landbridge over to Bateman Island. The paved trail continues to the southeast along the river's edge. There are a few jogs inland where the road is too close to the river for the trail. The trail goes past Columbia Park Golf Links and Columbia Park. Columbia Park is a lovely place to stop and take a break. It has lots of parking, restroom facilities, a large children's playground, a large pond, boat launching ramp and shady areas.

The trail continues and tucks under the Highway 395 bridge. Again there is an access trail to the pedestrian path along the bridge, if you want to head across the Columbia River. To continue on the south banks of the river, stay on the trail and it will go past Duffy's Pond Park. At this point there is a paved path out to Clover Island and the Clover Island Lighthouse. The main trail will tuck under Cable Bridge and end, or you can cross over Cable Bridge to get to the other side of the Columbia River.

Columbia Plateau Trail

The Columbia Plateau Trail is a 134-mile long un-paved trail that extends from Pasco to Spokane. It follows the abandoned railroad bed of the Spokane-Portland Railroad. The trail goes cross country through the hig desert area of Eastern Washington. It a gentle grade, long straight stretches, and few amenities. You must be prepared to ride this trail, as there are great lengths between services. It does have dramatic views of the Snake River and a few mementos of the old railroad lines, such as railroad ties and telegraph poles.

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Keene Road Trail

The Keene Road Trail is a 6.5-mile long paved bike path that runs along Keene Road along the south edge of Richland and West Richland. It starts on the east end at N. Steptoe Street, about 0.1 miles north of Gage Boulevard. It travels directly west for 1 mile then goes over to run alongside Keene Road to the northwest. In this section there is an access trail through the local neighborhoods for Badger Mountain Community Park. The trail later passes righ by the parking area for the park.

The trail is separate from the roadway except at the overpass for Interstate 182. The west end of the trail is at S. Highlands Boulevard and Keene Road.

Riverfront Trail

The Riverfront Trail is a 5-mile long paved trail that takes you along the banks of the Columbia River. This is a great place for visitors to experience the Columbia River area and for the locals, too.

The trail starts at Columbia Point Marina Park just below the Interstate 182 bridge. It then heads north along the south banks of the river and goes past the marina, hotels and restaurants. Farther along it goes through Howard Amon Park where there are trees, tennis courts, a playground, a gazebo, parking and other facilities. The park has two piers with nice views of the river. It is also the location of the Richland Parks and Recreation Community Center.

The trail continues up river past residential neighborhoods and Leslie Groves Park. There are several locations where you can park along this stretch of the trail. The trail ends at Ferry Road, 0.5 miles north of the boat launching area of Leslie Groves Park.

Greenbelt Trail

The Green Belt Trail is a 4-mile long paved path that parallels Highway 240 from Highway 182 to Jadwin Avenue. Its a good way to get through Richland quickly, with few street intersections.


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