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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Olympia, Washington

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Olympia, Washington

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Chehalis Western Trail

Deschutes Parkway Trail

Evergreen Parkway Multi-Use Path

Heritage Park Trail

I-5 Multi-Use Path

Sequalitchew Creek Trail

Waterfront Trail

Woodland Trail

Yelm to Tenino Trail





Regional Trails

The City of Olympia is located on the Budd Inlet of Puget Sound at 27 miles to the southwest of Tacoma. The city is the capital of the State of Washington and is home to Evergreen State University.

The city has four lengthy recreational trails for bike riding, walking and running. there are also paved pathways along the waterfront and in the local parks.

Chehalis Western Trail

The Chehalis Western Trail is a 21-mile long paved pathway that spans from Woodard Bay on the Henderson Inlet to a point southwest of the community of Rainier. The trail goes past the residential neighborhoods and local parks of South Bay, Lacy and East Olympia. The Chehalis Western Trail crosses the I-5 Multi-Use Path and Woodland Trail in Lacy and ends at the Yelm to Torino Trail to the southwest of Rainier.

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Yelm to Tenino Trail

The Yelm to Tenino Trail is a 15.4-mile long paved pathway that spans between the communities of Yelm and Tenino to the southeast of Olympia. The trail follows alongside Route 503 and goes through the community of Rainier and intersects the Chehalis Western Trail.

Woodland Trail

The Woodland Trail is a 5.5-mile long paved pathway that spans between Eastside Street SE near Watershed Park to Union Mills Road SE to the east of Woodland Creek Community Park. The Woodland Trail intersects the Chehalis Western Trail near the South Sound Center. The Woodland Trail also connects to the I-5 Multi-Use Path in this same area. The trail also goes past St. Martin's University.

I-5 Multi-Use Path

The I-5 Multi-Use Path is a 2.3-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Interstate 5 from Frederick Street SE to Golf Club Road SE in Lacey.


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