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Willapa Hills Trail

Willapa Hills Trail Washington map area

Willapa Hills Trail


56 miles


paved / unpaved


South Bend, Raymond, Chehalis


rail trail, Willapa River, farmland, rural communities


Regional Trails

The Willapa Hills Trail is a 56-mile long paved and unpaved rail trail that spans between South Bend and Chehalis in Southwestern Washington. The trail was built along an historic railroad corridor that follows the Willapa River up the beautiful Willapa River Valley. The trail is not completely developed at this point and has some impassable sections.

The valley floor has the braided river, rich farmland, thick evergreen forests, wetlands and numerous rural communities. The route includes historic trestle railroad bridges


The Willapa Hills Trail has paved and unpaved sections. Not all sections are passable. Check with the Lewis County Community Trails webpage before heading out to the trails.


The Willapa Hills Trail goes past the following communities: South Bend, Raymond, Lebam, Frances, Walville, Pe Ell, Doty, Dryad, Meskill, Milburn and Chehalis.

Points of Interest

The Willapa Hills Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Raymond School
Willie Keils Grave State Park
Willapa ValleySchool District - Menlo
Rainbow Falls State Park
Stan Headwall Park
End Points

The west end of the Willapa Hills Trail is located along Highway 101 near Monroe Street in South Bend.

The east end of the trail is located at the SW Hillburger Road to the west of Chehalis.


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