Map of the Columbia Plateau Trail


The Columbia Plateau Trail in Eastern Washington

Columbia Plateau Trail Washington map area

Columbia Plateau Trail


130 miles




Spokane, Cheney, Lamont, Washtucna, Kahlotus, Pasco


rail trail, Eastern Washington countryside, basalt scablands, wildlife, Snake River Canyon


Fish Lake Trail
Iron Horse Trail



The Columbia Plateau Trail is a 130 mile long unpaved trail that extends from south of Spokane to Pasco, which is located in Southeastern Washington State. The trail is placed on an the abandoned railroad bed of the Spokane - Portland Railroad. This trail takes you through wide open countryside, and has very few amenities. You should be be prepared before taking off to ride this trail. 

The route of the Columbia Plateau Trail takes you through the basalt scablands of the lower Snake River on its way to the Columbia River. You will see the landscape that was scarred by ancient Great Missoula Floods that occurred 16,000 years ago. The wildlife of the area includes mule deer, coyotes, eagles, hawks, hungarian partridges, chukar, quail and even mountain lions.

While traveling the trail you will see remnants of the old railroad, including the old rails and ties, old telegraph poles and trestle crossings over canyons. Much of the scenery is stark and treeless, but there are dramatic views of the Snake River. In spring, this area can abound with wildflowers and soft green grasses.


The Columbia Plateau Trail is unpaved. The trail is open for bike riding and hiking.

The condition of the trail varies from one location to another, depending on how well it is maintained and how many people use the trail in that location. This eastern area of Washington State can get quite hot in summer months and there is not much shade available. Be sure to bring adequate water, supplies and sun protection. It is best to travel the trail with other people.


The Columbia Plateau Trail goes past the following communities: Spokane, Cheney, Lamont, Washtucna, Kahlotus and Pasco.

Nearby Trails

Fish Lake Trail: the two trails meet at Fish Lake Regional Park to the southwest of Spokane. The Fish Lake Trail then travels to the southwestern side of Spokane.

Iron Horse Trail: the two trails intersect at a remote location about 17 miles south of Sprague.

End Points

The north end of the Columbia Plateau Trail is located at Fish Lake Regional Park to the north of the town of Cheney.

The south end of the trail is located at a point along the Snake River near Martindale Road to the northeast of Pasco.


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