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Yakima, Washington

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Cowiche Canyon Trail

Nasco Trail

Powerhouse Canal Trail

Yakima Greenway



Regional Trails

Yakima is located along the Yakima River and Interstate 82 in South Central Washington State. The town of Naches is situated along the Naches River to the northwest of Yakima. Other communities in this area are Cowiche, Selah, Eschbach, and Union Gap.

Yakima Greenway

The Yakima Greenway is a 20-mile system of paved pathways in Yakima that travel through the natural areas and parks alongside the Yakima River and then heading west to the south of Highway 12.

The northwest end of the trail is located around Lake Myron to the south of Highway 12 and east of Fruitvale Boulevard. This point is just a quarter mile north of Chesterly Park and the Powerhouse Canal Trail. From this location, the Yakima Greenway heads east and swtches to the north side of Highway 12. To the west of Interstate 82, the trail a branch of the trail heads to the north to travel alongside 1st Street in Selah as far as Pleasant Avenue. There are plans in the works to extend the Yakima Greenway to the north to meet up with the Naches Trail.

The main trail for the Yakima Greenway tucks under Interstate 82 and heads to the south. The trail goes past Sarg Hubbard Park, Buchanan Lake, Yakima Sportsmen Park and Sherman Park. The south end of the Yakima Greenway is located at the roundabout at the east end of E. Valley Mall Boulevard.

Naches Trail

The Naches Trail is an 8.4-mile long paved pathway that spans between Naches Avenue in Naches and Old Naches Highway on the north side of Yakima. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and follows alongside Highway 12.

Powerhouse Canal Trail

The Powerhouse Canal Trail is a 2.7-mile long paved pathway that spans between Chesterley Park on River Road and N. 40th Avenue to W. Lincoln Avenue and N. 24th Avenue in Yakima. The trail travels alongside the canal and goes past Robertson Elementary School. There is a short gap in the trail at W. Lincoln Avenue. The trail picks up again at N. 20th Street and heads to the northeast as far as Willow Street and N. 5th Avenue.

Cowiche Canyon Trail

The Cowiche Canyon Trail is a 2.6-mile long unpaved pathway that is located to the northwest of Yakima. The trail travels up the canyon of Cowiche Creek.to the community of Welkel.


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