Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Richmond and Berkeley area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Richmond, Berkeley, North Richmond, El Cerrito, Motalvin Manor, Pinole and Albany, California area

Richmond California map area

Richmond, Berkeley and their nearby communities, are located on the east shores of San Francisco Bay, situated north of Oakland and across the bay from Marin County. This are offers beautiful views of San Francisco Bay and the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. The area has a mild climate that is warmer, less foggy and less breezy, than that of the San Francisco Peninsula. Wildlife abounds along the shores of the bay and there are many locations for outdoor activities along the bayfront.

There are many miles of recreational trails in the Richmond and Berkeley area. You can use these trails fro a stroll along the waterfront, to visit one of the many East Bay Regional Park District parks to view the natural areas, or you might use the trails to commute by bike or ride along a major road out of the traffic.

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Bay Trail

The Bay Trail, also known as the San Francisco Bay Trail, is a 500-mile long system of local paved and unpaved trails and walking paths that encircle San Francisco Bay. Several sections of the Bay Trail system go along the waterfront areas of Berkeley, Albany and Richmond.

Bay Trail in Berkeley

In Berkeley, the south end of the Bay Trail is located at Powell Street and W. Frontage Road on the west side of Interstate 80. This trail connects to the Bay Trail that heads south to Emeryville and Emery Cove. The Bay Trail heads north from Powell Street traveling alongside W. Frontage Road for 2 miles to the intersection with University Avenue. At this point you can continue along W. Frontage Road for another mile to Gilman Street or you can head west out to Berkeley Point, the Berkeley Yacht Harbor and Cesar Chavez Park. At University Avenue, you can also take the trail to an access trail to the east that connects to the trail around the pond at the Berkeley Athletic Park.

Bay Trail in Albany and Richmond

The Bay Trail in Albany starts at Marin Avenue and Buchanan Street Ext. From here you can head out to the trails at the Albany Bulb or Buchanan Dog Beach. The Bay Trail heads north along the shores of Albany Mudflats State Marine Park. The Bay Trail continues traveling north past Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. The trail split into two when it approaches the neighborhood near Marina Bay. You can head north to Marina Park or wrap around to the south out past Shimada Friendship Park and to the point and Barbara and Jay Vincent Park. Continuing along the Bay Trail you wrap around Inner Harbor Basin and the trail becomes one again at Marina Park.

Shipyard 3 Trail and Ferry Point Loop Trail

The Shipyard 3 Trail and the Ferry Point Loop Trail are paved trails located at Richmond's Ferry Point. This historic area is located between Richmond Inner Harbor and San Francisco Bay and is was used in the past to send passengers and freight to San Francisco as well as troopships form Kaiser's shipyards during World War II. There are interpretive signs placed along the trail with images and stories to help bring the history to life. There are beautiful views looking west across the water toward Marin County, southwest toward San Francisco and you can see the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge to the south and the Richmond - San Rafael Bridge to the northwest.

The north end of the Shipyard 3 Trail is located at Canal Boulevard and W. Cutting Boulevard, just south of Interstate 580. This paved trail is 2.5 miles long and winds south to the docks of Point Potrero. You can see the S.S. Red Oak Victory, one of the last surviving ships built in the Kaiser Richmond Shipyard during WWII. The trail also connect to the Ferry Point Loop Trail near the south end of Canal Boulevard and at Seacliff Drive.

The Ferry Point Loop Trail is 3.5 miles of paved path that winds around to the west side of the peninsula. It takes you out to Point Richmond or around Miller/Knox Lagoon and the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. The trail also winds around the Brickyard Cove Marina and the Richmond Yacht Club. To get to the trail, turn at Seacliff Drive off of Canal Boulevard. There is a junction with the Shipyard 3 Trail at this point. The trail follows alongside Seacliff Drive and Brickyard Cove Road until past the marina then it heads away from the roadways.

Ohlone Greenway Trail

The Ohlone Greenway Trail is a 5.25-mile long paved path that runs from a point just west of the University of California Berkeley Campus in Berkeley to the east side of Richmond. The north end of the Ohlone Greenway Trail is across the San Pablo Avenue from the east end of the Richmond Greenway Trail. Much of the Ohlone Greenway Trail follows the tracks of BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit.

The south end of the Ohlone Greenway Trail is located at Martin Luther King Jr Way and Hearst Avenue, a few blocks west of the UC Berkeley Campus. The pathway then follows alongside Hearst Avenue heading west. At California Street the trail heads off to the northwest. You need to use the sidewalks or roadways to get to the northwest corner of the North Berkeley BART Station. there is paid parking available at the BART station.

The Ohlone Greenway Trail heads to the northwest from the North Berkeley BART Station then crosses Cedar Street and goes past Cedar Rose Park. At Hopkins Street, there is a short break in the trail, but it picks back up at Peralta Avenue. At this point the trail follows alongside the BART tracks, and sometimes runs under the raised portions, for the next 4 miles. The Ohlone Greenway Trail passes the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station and the El Cerrito del Norte BART Station.

The north end of the Ohlone Greenway Trail is located at San Pablo Avenue, just north of the intersection with Ohio Street. The Richmond Greenway Trail starts on the other side of San Pablo Avenue, at less than 0.1 mile to the north.

Richmond Greenway Trail

The Richmond Greenway Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved trail that crosses through the middle of Richmond in and east/west direction. The west end of the trail is located on San Pablo Avenue, just south of Macdonald Avenue. This point is right across the street from the north end of the Ohlone Greenway Trail. The Richmond Greenway Trail heads to the west from this location and goes under Interstate 80.

After going under the interstate the Richmond Greenway Trail follows alongside railroad tracks for another mile. This portion of the trail stops at Carlson Boulevard.

The mile long westerly portion of the Richmond Greenway Trail starts near 22nd Street and Ohio Avenue. There is an access trail from this intersection to get to the main trail. From this point the trail heads directly west traveling through a greenbelt with street level crossings for several local streets. The trail stops at S. 2nd Street, near Ohio Avenue.

Richmond Parkway Path

The Richmond Parkway Path is a 4-mile long paved path that runs alongside Richmond Parkway on the northwest side of the city. The trail has only a few street level crossings at intersecting streets. The south end starts at W. Ohio Avenue. The trail runs alongside the northbound lanes. The paved trail stops at Hensley Street, but you can ride along the path on Hensley Street to connect to the next section of the Richmond Parkway Path that starts on Castro Street. 

At W. Gertrude Avenue, the paved trail switches to travel alongside the southbound lanes of Richmond Parkway. At 1/4 mile north of W. Gertrude Avenue, there is a junction with the Wildcat Creek Trail. The northend of the Richmond Greenway Path is at Goodrick Avenue.


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