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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Stockton, California

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Stockton, California

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Bear Creek Bikepath

Brookside Road Bike Path

Calaveras River Bikepath

East Bay Utility District Right-of-Way Trail

French Camp Slough Trail

Miner Levee Path

P. G. & E. Greenbelt Trail



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Stockton is located in the northern portion of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. It is 2 hours west of Downtown San Francisco and an hour south of Sacramento. The city is situated on the San Joaquin River and has the largest inland seaport on the west coast. It is surround by agricultural fields, but is also near vineyards and 1000 miles of waterways on the California Delta.

There are several recreational trails for cycling and walking as well as pathways along the waterfront for a casual stroll. There are also bike paths located along portions of W. March Lane and Brookside Road.

Waterfront Promenade and Miners Levee Path

The Waterfront Promenade and Miners Levee Path are located in Downtown Stockton. The pathways start at W. Weber Avenue near Interstate 5.  The decorative pathway takes you along Mormon Slough to the point then back to the east along the marinas on the shores of McLeod Lake. The pathway goes to N. El Dorado Street to the plaza on Channel Street. Head back to the west along the north shore of the lake around Weber Point and the Weber Point Events Center.

Heading west from Weber Point, the Miners Levee Path takes you along the waterfront past the Stockton Arena and the athletic field, stopping at N. Harrison Street.

Calaveras River Bike Path

The Calaveras River Bike Path has over 10 miles of paved trail for walking and bike riding. It follows the Calaveras River through the heart of Stockton. The west end is located at Brookside Road, just east of the Brookside Golf and Country Club. The trail has few street crossings and goes under interstate 5, Pershing Avenue, Pacific Avenue, El Dorado Street and West Lane. Along its rout it goes by Stagg High School, Brookside Field and the University of the Pacific campus

The Calaveras River Bike Path continues as far east as the 99 Frontage Road.

Bear Creek Bike Path

The Bear Creek Bike Path is an 8-mile long paved pathway located on the north side of Stockton. The west end is located at N. Rio Blanco Road and it heads east along White Slough. It goes by Michael Faklis Park, tucks under Interstate 5 and then goes by Christina Mcauliffe Middle School and Garrigan Park. You have to cross Thornton Road at street level. After Thornton Road, the trail along th north bank heads up along a canal through the neighborhood and goes past John Muir Elementary School and Baxter Park. You can use Whistler Way, Rivermont Drive or Davis Road to get to the bike path on the other side of the canal.

The main trail crosses Davis Road at street level and stops at Lower Sacramento Road.

The Bear Creek Bike Path continues running alongside the channel as an unpaved pathway heading to the northeast out of Stockton.

French Camp Slough Trail

The French Camp Slough Trail is located in the residential area on the south side of Stockton. the paved path is 2.7 miles long. It wraps around the Weston Ranch neighborhood along the San Joaquin River then turns and heads east stopping at Carolyn Weston Road near the interchange with Interstate 5.

P. G. & E. Greenbelt Trail

The P. G. & E. Greenbelt Trail is 1.5-miles of paved pathways located in the same area as the French Camp Slough Trail on the south side of Stockton. It wanders through the greenbelt for the power lines in the Weston Ranch neighborhood. this trail goes by August Knodt Jr. High School.


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