Map of the Guadalupe River Trail


Guadalupe River Trail

Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California map area

Guadalupe River Trail


10 miles


paved / unpaved


San Jose, Santa Clara


south end of San Francisco Bay, channel for Guadalupe Creek, local parks, Downtown San Jose


Coyote Creek Trail - North

St. Tomas Aquino Creek Trail

Guadalupe Freeway Trail


San Jose

The Guadalupe River Trail is a 10-mile long paved and unpaved trail system that is located in the north central portion of San Jose. It starts on the north end close to the many gravel paths that wrap around the sloughs and ponds at the south end of the bay. The trail itself follows the greenbelt that extends from the south end of San Francisco Bay to a point just south of the interchange of Interstate 280 and the Guadalupe Freeway (State Route 87). There are few street crossings on the trail, but there are several access paths to get to local streets. The route of the trail goes by several parks and major business areas as well as the Mineta San Jose International Airport. This trail system is used by those commuting to work, going to the airport or getting to a light rail station.


The Guadalupe River Trail has paved and unpaved sections. The trail follows the channel for the creek and has underpasses for most of the major road crossings. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The Guadalupe River Trail is located in San Jose and Santa Clara and goes past Downtown San Jose.

Points of Interest

The Guadalupe River Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club
Ulistic Natural Area
Thamien Park
James Lick Mansion
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Columbus Park
Guadalupe River Park
John P. McHenry Park
Downtown San Jose
San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
Children's Discovery Museum
Rocketship Matei Sheedy Elementary School
Nearby Trails

South Bay Freeway Trail: the two trails intersect to the northeast of the Gold Street interchange with the Southbay Freeway.

Coyote Creek Trail - North Section: the Coyote Creek Trail is located less than a mile to the east of the Guadalupe River Trail.

St. Tomas Aquino Creek Trail: the two trails run roughly parallel to each other to the north of the airport.

Guadalupe Freeway Trail: the south end of the Guadalupe River Trail is located a few blocks form the north end of the bike path for the Guadalupe Freeway on Willow Street.

End Points

The north end of the Guadalupe River Trail is located along Gold Street to the South of Moffat Street in San Jose.

The south end of the trail is located at the intersection of Edwards Avenue and Mclellan Avenue to the south of Downtown San Jose.

Guadalupe River Trail - South San Jose

There is another 3.5-mile paved stretch of the Guadalupe River Trail in South San Jose. The north end of this section of trail is at Chynoweth Avenue and Winfield Boulevard. The trail heads south to go under the West Valley Freeway, Route 85, then again under Blossom Hill Road. There are access paths to reach Blossom Hill Road. From here the trail goes by the Los Alamitos Percolation Ponds and the Almaden Light Rail Station.

Just south of the Almaden Light Rail Station, you need head west along the path next to Coleman Road to stay on the Guadalupe River Trail. You can also choose to head south under Coleman Road and wrap around Almaden Lake to hook up with the Los Alamitos Calero Creek Trail which heads south from the south end of Almaden Lake Park.

If you are continuing on the Guadalupe River Trail, you will cross over Lake Almaden alongside Coleman Road, then you need to use the crosswalks to get across the Almaden Expressway. Head north along the path on the west side of the expressway for a tenth of a mile, then the trail picks back up along the south side of the ponds. The trail continues traveling southwest with an underpass for Meridian Avenue. The trail ends at Singletree Way, just across from Beacon School.


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