Map of Coyote Creek Trail - North Section


Coyote Creek Trail - North Section

Coyote Creek Trail California map area

Coyote Creek Trail - North Section


5.5 miles




Milpitas, San Jose


wetlands of Southern San Francisco Bay, natural areas alongside Coyote Creek


Guadalupe River Trail East

Coyote Creek Trail - South


San Jose

Coyote Creek flows north from the hills located south of the City of San Jose, through the San Jose area to the terminus in South San Francisco Bay. There are two main and separate trail systems along Coyote Creek in the San Jose area. The north section is a 5.5-mile long paved path that is located in northeast San Jose along the border with Milpitas. The south portion of Coyote Creek Trail is located in the southeast part of San Jose and extends to the south almost as far as Anderson Lake. there are also a couple of other short stretches of trail along Coyote Creek that are separated from the longer sections.

The paved 5.5-mile long north section of Coyote Creek Trail travels along the creek which is the border with the City of Milpitas. The north end of the trail is at a point on N. McCarthy Boulevard near the interchange of Interstate 880 and Dixon Landing Road. The public trail goes to the south from here along the east side of the creek. After going under the Southbay Freeway, the trail travels along both sides of Coyote Creek. You can hook up with the west bank trail on Ranch Drive.

After the undepass, Coyote Creek Trail goes right past the Cisco campus on the west side. The route of the trail takes you through wooded stretches and open meadows. There are access paths to get up to E Tasman Drive, or you can ride under the roadway. The east bank trail stops at the Montague Expressway, but you can go across the bridge to get to the west bank trail.

The south end of the north section of the Coyote Creek Trail is at Charcot Avenue about 1/4 mile west of Interstate 880.

Coyote Creek Trail - Middle Sections

There are a couple of other short stretches of the Coyote Creek Trail that are separate from the longer sections. One is a 3/4 mile long stretch of paved path near Oakland Road. The north end is at Corie Court. The trail runs adjacent to the woods and east of Riverbend Family Park. This stretch is across the creek from San Jose Municipal Golf Course.

The other short section runs for about a mile through William Street Park then south under Interstate 280. The south end of this stretch is near the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Kelley Park, the Japanese Freindship Garden and History San Jose.


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