Map of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail


Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail

Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail California map area

Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail


7.7 miles




Lafayette, Moraga


local parks, natrual areas along Las Trampas Creek


Iron Horse Regional Trail





The route of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail extends from the City of Lafayette to the south end of the Town of Moraga in Contra Costa County, California. This multi-use 7.7-mile long paved trail is part of the East Bay Regional Park District. The trail is open for bike riding, walking, running and equestrian use.

The trail travels through the Moraga Valley. This is a historic route that was once used by mule trains to carry lumber from Oakland to Sacramento. It was also the corridor for railroad lines. The trail goes through residential neighborhoods and thickly wooded areas along its route.

The north end of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail is located at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road in Layfayette. The trail heads to the west through the Olympic Boulevard Staging Area. The trail takes a big loop going past Lafayette Elementary Park, MH Stanley Middle School and Stanley Park. Farther along the trail goes near the 711 and St. Marys Ballfields, Las Trampas Pool and through Founders Grove. It follows alongside St. Marys Road and goes right past the Lafayette Community Center and Lafayette Community Park.

The path of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail continues to follow alongside St. Marys Road into the Town of Moraga. It goes past Saint Mary's College of California and Moraga Commons Park. The trail goes through Moraga, wrapping around to follow alongside Canyon Road and going past Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School.

The south end of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail is located at EBMUD's Valle Vista Staging Area on Canyon Road on the south side of Moraga.


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