Map of Los Gatos Creek Trail, CA


Los Gatos Creek Trail, San Jose, California

Los Gatos Creek Trail California map area

Los Gatos Creek Trail, California


10 miles




San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos


natural areas along Los Gatos Creek, residential neighborhoods, local parks, Lexington Resrevoir County Park


Guadalupe River Trail


San Jose

Los Gatos Creek Trail is a 10-mile long paved path that extends from the middle of the San Jose Metro area to the southwest all the way out to Lexington Reservoir along the Santa Cruz Freeway. The trail passes through the City of San Jose, the City of Campbell, the Town of Los Gatos and unincorporated Santa Clara County.The trail follows the route of Los Gatos Creek which forms a natural greenbelt of trees and grassy meadows through the urban landscape. It also serves as a way for people to commute to work or school as the trail safely passes under major roadways.


The Los Gatos Creek Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. The trail is located away form roadways and traffic with the occasional road crossing. There are underpasses at many of the major roadways.

There is a 0.8-mile long gap in the trail from Lonus Street to Meridian Avenue. Trail users will need to use local streets to reach the next section.


The Los Gatos Creek Trail goes past the following communities: San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos.

Points of Interest

The Los Gatos Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Del Monte Dog Park
Blackford Elementary School
Campbell Park
Los Gatos Creek Park
Route 17 Overpass
Creekside Turf Sports Park
Vasona Reservoir
Los Gatos High School
The Los Gatos Town Plaza Park
Novitate Park
St Joseph's Hills Open Space Preserve
Lexington Reservoir County Park
Nearby Trails

Guadalupe River Trail: the two trails do not intersect, but a connection can be made along W. San Carlos Street in San Jose. The Guadalupe River Trail continues north as far as San Francisco Bay.

End Points

The north end of the Los Gatos Creek Trail is located along Dupont Street off of W. San Carlos Street and west of Royal Avenue in San Jose. This starts the 0.7-mile section. This section ends at Lonus Street off of Lincoln Avenue.

The next section starts along Meridian Avenue, 1/4 mile south of Fruitdale Avenue. The south end of the trail is located at Alma Bridge Road in Lexington Reservoir County Park.


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